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Although a high school drop out, this man was intelligent. Vito Rizzuto was a man of many talents. “From his birth he was groomed to be a good Mafioso,”(Riga, 2013) respected but also feared. When his father was sent to jail for trafficking, it was his time for Vito to take over as boss, and he knew how to display himself as the man in charge. It was business and that is exactly how he saw it and as long as there was some money to be made, he could get anyone align themselves with him. Vito was a man of power and would allow no one to come between him and his position as the head of the Montreal Mafia. To build the Rizzuto name and ensure a solid ground for reputation and some connections with other major family names, Vito took part in the murder of Phil…show more content…
"Mr. Rizzuto was able to forge alliances with other syndicates such as the Hells Angels, the Dubois brothers and the Irish-Canadian mobsters of the West End Gang." (Ha, 2013) There was no denying this man could manipulate people into doing what would benefit him. He knew what the job as leader of the Rizzzuto crime families entailed and found the best way to make it happen. He was a man of much intelligence. “Rizzuto is like a manager who, through members of his organization, relies on people who aren’t in the family to commit crimes so that the organization can exist without getting its hands dirty,” (Ha, 2013). Knowing what he must do he would put individuals on the task that could not be traced back to the himself and the others helping run the mafia family. Their names came up too often with law enforcement so there was a necessity to keep clean. Eventually he was caught for his role in the three killings and was extradited back to the United States for trial, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. This event along with his death a year later in 2013 after his release raised the question "Is Rizzuto's near-perfect Mafia coming to an

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