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  • The Importance Of Solid Waste Management

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    Framework of the Study Solid waste management or the collecting, treating, and disposing of solid material no longer needed because it has served its purpose or is no longer useful. Inappropriate disposal of solid waste can cause unhealthy conditions, which in turn can result to destruction of the environment and dispersal of vector borne diseases – which are spread by rodents and insects. The responsibility of solid waste management presents difficult technical challenges. They also pose a wide

  • Qm In Quality Management

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    Quality Management (QM) is generally a philosophy of gradually improving the operations of a business. Every involved employee and business partner does this through the application of rigorous process analysis. QM is usually applied at the tactical, front-line level, where production, clerical, and low-level managers are deeply involved. There are a number of tools available to assist in a QM effort, such as list below but not exhaustive:- ▪ Benchmarking ▪ Failure analysis ▪ Plan-do-check-act (PCDA)

  • Destination Management Case Study

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    Unit : 2 Destination Management: Policy, Planning and Promotion Table of Contents: 1.1 Debate the complex nature of destination management… ………....... 1 1.2 Analyze the dynamics of destination management…………………………..…….… 3 1.3 Critically evaluate the importance of tourism…………………………………………......4 2.1 Critically assess the challenges facing marketers………………………………………… 2.2 Identify the tools needed for making

  • Downward Communication In Construction Management

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    client’s quality standard, it is important to have effective communication between parties, and communication is actually linked with people’s roles, responsibility and relationship. Downward Communication According to the Practice of Construction Management (1985), downward Communication is used to give instructions, strategies and objectives. It also targets to give people information regarding their progress of work and give advice as in contacts between the head office and site personnel. The

  • Role Of Human Resource Management

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    D2D AND ROLE OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT BY S.PRITHIVIRAJAN, K.TAMILSELVAN, C.SUNILKUMAR I BCOM B KCS KASI NADAR COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE, CHENNAI – 21. ABSTRACT: HRM is concerned with the human beings in an organization. “The management of man” is a very important and challenging job because ofthe dynamic nature of the people. No two people are similar in mental abilities, tacticians, sentiments, and behaviors; they differ widely also as a group and are subject to many varied influences. People

  • Importance Of Operation Planning And Control In Operation Management

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    Operations planning and control is a necessity in the production process. Planning is required for taking an organized and visionary approach for production to meet the market demand. Planning is an important aspect for every company such as Mr. Winggz, as it provides a framework or guide for further operations of the company. It forms the base for the operation of the activity of the company. Capacity planning can be understood a process which facilitates determination of the production capacity

  • Importance Of Management Information System

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    MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM 1. Management information system is an organized portfolio of a formal system for obtaining, processing, and delivering information in support of the business operations and management of an organization. Types of Management system that is able to employ competitive advantage: • Transaction processing system for operational data processing that is desired, for example, to register consumer orders and to outturn invoices and payroll. • Management reporting systems competent

  • Advantages Of Total Quality Management

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    all aspects of the company's operations, with processes being done right the first time and defects and waste eradicated from operations. Total Quality Management, TQM, is a method by which management and employees can become involved in the continuous improvement of the production of goods and services. It is a combination of quality and management tools aimed at increasing business and reducing losses due to wasteful practices. Some of the companies, which have implemented TQM, include Ford Motor

  • Skills And Competencies In Project Management

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    Before starting this case study, I think it’s important to be able to identify the difference between Project management, and Programme management, to be well aware of skills and competencies needed by programme manager. Indeed, the distinction between these two roles is a bit blurry for a lot of organizations, even within the same organization. In project management, the project manager is responsible of a portfolio of project but it doesn’t mean that all projects are linked to reach the same finality

  • Knowledge Management Theory

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    Source #1 Forghani, M. A., & Tavasoli, A. (2017). Investigating the Relationship between Knowledge Management Dimensions and Organizational Performance in Lean Manufacturing. International Journal Of Management, Accounting & Economics, 4(3), 218-225. In this journal article, Forghani & Tavasoli conduct research to study the relationship between knowledge management and organizational performance. Five hypotheses were tested. There is a relationship between knowledge acquisition and performance