Importance Of Operation Planning And Control In Operation Management

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Operations planning and control is a necessity in the production process. Planning is required for taking an organized and visionary approach for production to meet the market demand. Planning is an important aspect for every company such as Mr. Winggz, as it provides a framework or guide for further operations of the company. It forms the base for the operation of the activity of the company. Capacity planning can be understood a process which facilitates determination of the production capacity required for the purpose of meeting the demands of the customer by the restaurant. Inventory planning can be understood as the process which facilitates determination of the inventory level which needs to be kept by the restaurant for matching the…show more content…
Also a company may plan a new product range development by analyzing the changing trends in the customers or target markets. Thus, the operation planning and control includes making decision about quality of raw materials and outputs, schedules of the manufacturing process as per demands, analyzing any changes in the processes or shifts, inspection of the whole process, checking for dispatch on time, quality and quantity, managing inventories for uninterrupted operations etc. The clarity about the suppliers of their raw materials, their strengths and their weakness, the cost involved, the logistics and the manpower required will all determine the robustness of the transformation of the raw material to finished goods. Therefore, operation planning and control is important to maintain the balance between market requirement and analysis of existing resources to meet the objectives. Though, the operation planning involves the analysis of market trends, development of new design in products to gain the competitive advantage as well as minimization of costs to increase the profits. In this process short and long term both types of decision have been made by the project manager considering the capability and demand of items and…show more content…
Though, the set of operational outcomes are the inputs, activities, outputs, outcome and the impact. However, the operational outcome includes number of outcomes such as the businesses need to produce the low-cost good quality products, produce user-friendly products that do not harm anything, focus on reducing the customers complain too much extent, reduce the waste and defect, increase sales of the company, help the manager in the process of decision making and help to monitor the continuous improvement in a plan. Aside by this, attracting a larger number of customer base by targeting the specific segments and introducing the products to everyone and making it easily accessible by the customers are the outcomes

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