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  • Ambidexterity In Strategic Management

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    medieval-Latin ‘ambidexter‘, translating into ‘two right hands‘, it can have three meanings: using both hands with equal ease, being characterized by duplicity or double-dealing, or being unusually skillful or versatile (Merriam-Webster 2009). In strategic management research, ambidexterity has evolved into a major line of inquiry (Gupta et al. 2006; Raisch and Birkinshaw 2008). Organizational ambidexterity is considered not only beneficial but in the longer run even essential for organizations to survive and

  • Four Types Of Management Styles

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    Management styles There is a various set of management and leadership styles that could be utilised based on tasks and circumstances. The smartness in selecting the appropriate style to handle tasks and manage the staff, will return in the best outcome on the management and the organisation. Furthermore, the American author and psychologist Daniel Goleman in his research "Leadership That Gets Results" identifies six style types: Coercive, Authoritative, Affiliative, Democratic, Pacesetting, and Coaching

  • NGO Management In Pakistan

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    1.0 Introduction Under the overarching subject of successful organizational management, various models and theories had been formulated when it comes to NGO management and the critical role that employees’ engagement played in this area. In resource-constrained developing nations like Pakistan, and various other developing south Asian states, the growth of NGO sector had seen dramatic growth over the past few decades and had now prolonged over various proportions when it comes to both public and

  • Importance Of Change Management

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    What is Change Management? Also known as change control, the process of change management ensures the controlled processing of all changes. These changes relate to business infrastructure, applications, and processes. They may be emergency maintenance or standard changes. Change management is a list of procedures used to manage all software and hardware modifications. It minimizes disruption of IT systems and services. Without it, unexpected system outages can hamper the activities of citizens and

  • Risk Management Literature Review

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    fraud because management finds it very difficult to detect it and deals with it. According to Bolton & Hand (2002:12), the growth in the rate of occurrence of frauds (successful and unsuccessful

  • Concepts Of Waste Management

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    The term waste management generally relates to substances produced by human activities and the process generally assumes to reduce their effect on environment, health and aesthetics (business dictionary, 2010). Waste management is the production, anticipation, description, supervising, controlling, reuse and final remaining disposition of wastes. Throughout most of history, the amount of waste generated by humans was insignificant due to low population and low societal levels of the exploitation

  • Integrated Value Management

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    Concepts, Techniques and Strategies in Value Management The concepts, techniques and strategies of VM had developed over time by many researchers all around the world in various aspects to extent its application, maximising its benefits, and improving its effectiveness. 3.1 Developed concepts in Value Management In the past decades, VM has become more popular in consruction project management. As proof, in Malaysia, the government launches officially the manual of VM in 2010 for the KLIA2. Hayles

  • Importance Of Sales Management

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    sales management skills. The perceived importance of these skills is reported based on the level of management, gender and the performance level of the firm. In addition to identifying the relative importance of the various sales management skills, they were found to group into three conceptual dimensions relating to interpersonal, technical and strategic skills. They are also indicate that significant differences in the perceived level of skill importance exist based on level of management, years

  • Spokesperson In Crisis Management

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    responding to media questions. It is very important to have a well-trained spokes person and a CMT. Failure to do so methodically is a recipe for disastrous crisis management. 1.5.2 Crisis Event When an actual crisis comes and hits an organization that is when the preparation of crisis is truly tested. Having a contingency plan or crisis management plan makes it more sensible to control the damage during an event. This is the time when CMP needs to be adopted into real life making a few changes in accordance

  • Coastal Zone Management Case Study

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    coastal zone management in Malaysia. According to him the lack of systematic studies to demonstrates clearly in a comprehensive and quantitative manner, the assessment of benefits accruing from environmental measures and the constraints imposed by competeting policy priority and alternative claims on resources have lead to the expediency of all, often ignoring the environmental dimensions in resource management. Harvard et al. (1996) are of the view that in order for Coastal Zone Management to succeed