Skills And Competencies In Project Management

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Before starting this case study, I think it’s important to be able to identify the difference between Project management, and Programme management, to be well aware of skills and competencies needed by programme manager. Indeed, the distinction between these two roles is a bit blurry for a lot of organizations, even within the same organization. In project management, the project manager is responsible of a portfolio of project but it doesn’t mean that all projects are linked to reach the same finality. He is concentrate on completing deliverables and respecting deadlines of his project. He is responsible for the execution and implementation of processes. He is more used to use standards systems and tools. His challenge is to meet the needs…show more content…
[1] Currently all organizations are underdoing some type of change. Business and management change a lot because number of projects increases every year and we need to find the better way to manage them. Programme management have been develop in order to reach this way, by staying aware of efficiency and effectiveness goals and business focus goals. It permits to define an appropriate direction for the constituent projects within a programme. [2] So these differences between project management and programme management bring us to some wonders. The skills and competencies needed by managers will differ. That is why the first part will try to answer: “what are the competencies required by managers in the context of a shift project management to programme management?” And on the second hand, we will try to see “in what project management/organizational areas should these skills/competencies be developed? And why?” First of all, the moving from project to programme management induces a gap between those two ways of management, a discontinuous step. So the management is different as the competencies and skills required by programme managers from project…show more content…
They have to learn to evolve with this change, because the programme management creates a link between projects and the strategic goals of an organization, as quote before, efficiency and effectiveness goals and business focus goals. Managers should develop personal competencies and managerial skills. “It demanded a change of focus from project and technical issues to business drivers, to be more tolerant of uncertainty, more embracing of change and more aware of wider business influences.”[3] So they need to be flexible in front of changes, or problems, that could appear during the project. They should be able to think outside of the box, because the challenge of programme manager is to understand the perspectives of various groups and meet diverse, sometimes contradictory, needs at a level beyond than the project manager. They also must have creativity and innovation competencies to bring new solutions to achieve the programme effectively and efficiently

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