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If you've been looking for a challenge and exciting way to catch fish on your favorite lake or on the calm surface of the ocean, you might enjoy paddleboard fishing. Anyone who is a fan of kayak fishing will love this unique, yet interesting way to sneak up on fish in placid waters. What is Paddleboard Fishing? Instead of sitting in a kayak where you can only see partly under the surface of the water close to your kayak, a paddleboard gives you the advantage of height and distance so you can see where there might be fish. Not only can you see the fish because you're standing, you can can sneak up on them too. The paddleboard is silent as is floats on top of the water. With one quiet swipe of the paddle, you can move quickly to where you've spotted some fish. Benefits to Paddleboard Fishing…show more content…
Exercise The balance you need to keep the paddleboard balanced will help strengthen your core. It's the same reason that yoga enthusiasts are gravitating towards stand up paddleboards for their yoga routines. Paddling will increase upper body strength while kneeling and standing on the board will give your thighs a workout. Challenge Many people who fish are always looking for challenging situations. They want to make the fishing itself a challenge. Otherwise, they'd fish inside a barrel to catch the best fish. They want to visit the shallow areas and hard-to-reach spots with the best fish. That can be done on a paddleboard. Fun The paddleboard is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while taking part in fishing and catching some rays while you're at it. It's a terrific way to explore areas that would be inaccessible on a fishing boat. Challenges to Paddleboard

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