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Motocross is the most physically demanding sport because have no breaks or timeouts. When race motocross have 2 heat races and the main event. So do 1-2 or sometimes 3 minute lap times and do 20-30 laps per race and once the gate drops not able to stop until the end of the race (Horton). constantly on the gas hitting 60-80 foot doubles sometimes even bigger like a 250 foot quad and long rhythm sections without stopping. When riding that hard without breaks and timeouts for that long doing that many laps , whole body gets really tired(Horton). Once done after doing that long race and super tired and get a good position then just think that still got a whole another race have to do even though body hurts once go to the main event. Also when in those races in all that gear and sweating and tired don't feel good at all , its not a good feeling (Horton).…show more content…
But when going as hard and as fast as can on the track and body hurts and arms hurt so bad that cant even hold on anymore and hitting big jumps and long rhythm sections and trying to pass people. Even Tony Horton Quotes that “ Motocross is full tilt the whole time without stopping” (Horton). While doing this not thinking about nothing, the only thing thinking about is the race and whats next. heart is also beating really fast and getting huge addrenalin rushes the whole time on that tack and your going hard. when riding for that long would think that some pros would need a drink and would wear a camelpack but suprisingly none of them do (fieldmotorsportsonline). Another thing is that when going fast like that not really worring about wrecking , the only thing worring about is catching the people in front of and trying to make it to the main

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