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Do you know how big the largest Hammerhead shark recorded was? Some say it was caught in 1979 and that it was a whopping 17+ft long, but there is not enough evidence to support it. The largest shark ever recorded was 14.5ft and 1,262lbs. It was caught near the coast of Florida by the fisherman Bucky Dennis of Port Charlotte after a five hour battle. In that time, the shark towed the boat around 12 miles. (Times 2006) In this research paper I am going to tell you all about Hammerhead sharks. I am going to explain what they eat, where they live, and the legendary “Old Hitler”. Personally the Hammerhead Shark is my favorite shark; I believe it is even more interesting then the Great White. One reason I like the Hammerhead so much is because it is very different from other sharks, especially with its hammer. Another thing I like about this shark is it is really a gentle giant of the ocean. It graciously swims along…show more content…
Old Hitler was a humongous shark that appeared around the 70s and supposedly began to terrorize people. Although there is no clear photographic evidence of this beast many fishermen have their own encounters with this beast. "It's head was as wide as the hood of a pickup truck," Larry Mastry said when describing our local legend. "I've never seen anything like that again of that size," said Mastry. "I mean, this thing was serious.” (Lewis 2014) For all we know all of these stories could be made up. It is up to you to decide for yourself if this massive beast or legend is real. What do you think? Now that you know all about hammerhead sharks like what they eat, where they live, and who “Old Hitler” was you can impress your friends with this new interesting knowledge. If you wish to learn even more about Hammerhead sharks or any other sharks I am sorry to say you must continue researching on your own for I have given you all of the information I have

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