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Ayumi Yokohari Mr Dano Individuals and Society 09 October 2015 Human Trafficking Human trafficking is a worldwide issue that has been going on for years. It can start from the person you least expect it from. The main focus of this essay is how is team not for sale protecting individuals from human trafficking? This essay will be telling you about what human trafficking is. I think this is relevant to this essay because it informs the reader about what human trafficking is. The next statement will inform the reader how traffickers take advantage of people’s vulnerability. This is relevant because this explains how traffickers use different people's weaknesses against them. My last statement will explain what is team not for sale doing to…show more content…
When they get a job they become either socially, emotionally, and or even physically vulnerable. Meaning that the trafficker is able to take advantage of the person and use them to get money. Human trafficking is the second largest criminal industry in the entire world. Human trafficking affects people everyday and starts when men and women get lured into thinking that they are getting a job. Because of this 30 million people get lured into thinking it is a good opportunity. 2 million 12-14 year olds are taken hostage and are forced into working in the sex industry. This affects their mental, physical and psychological well being which creates an opening for traffickers to attack. Team not for sale is providing shelters for people in communities that are at risk of being taken hostage by traffickers. For example countries like the United States, Thailand, the Netherlands, Romania, and Peru. As well as creating shelters they are also providing them with healthcare and legal services. In addition to this they are also providing kids and adults the education they need to provide them with the life free of being used or abused. Education can also build their confidence. After they get the right education they need team not for sale helps find them a safe job that can also make sure that they will be successful. Once this cycle is complete the hostages can break this cycle and be

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