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Are Pennies Useful Ok Im sure most of the class has heard the saying, a penny for your thoughts, or a penny saved is a penny earned. However it’s a fact that the penny is becoming non-existent in the nations economic life. The truth of the matter is that pennies don’t buy much of anything anymore. It’s time to let pennies go extinct in our economy and move on to something different. Sure, some of you might say, pennies can be annoying, but why do we have to get rid of them? Why must we change something that’s worked? What would we do without pennies? I had similar questions when I began preparing for this speech. However, as a result of my research, I believe that we can get along just fine without pennies. I hope to convince you of the same thing today. To start, pennies cause problems for individuals everyday. Many people also consider pennies to be an annoyance. According to a survey I completed with my roommates I found that all of them felt pennies were useless. They said it added to much weight and took up to much space in their pockets. They also said, that it got in their way when trying to find other coins.…show more content…
People now barely pay for things with change let alone pennies. When you really need coins for a business transaction is to pay to make a copy on a machine or at a vending machine. I personally have never been to a never been to a vending machine that accept pennies nor do I know anyone who has ever paid for anything with pennies at a vending machine. Also in a survey done with roommates I found that none of them would accept pennies as a form payment. Ask yourselves if you were trying to sell your phone or computer would you accept any of that payment in

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