Informative Essay On Gun Violence

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1: Well I would first do my research and bring up how gun violence may or may not affect the country. I would tell her that the position that she needs to take is against guns or stricter rules for gun ownership. It seems like everyday there is a school shooting or some sort of gun violence and with stricter rules and more screening of the gun applicants there would be less violence. 2: Hey everyone today I am talking about something that affects our world everyday and what that is; is gun violence. Just in 2015 alone there has been more than 45 school shootings. This shows you just how bad guns really are and how they hurt people; how can a child of 16 get a gun without proper screening for any mental disorders? This is the sad tragic reality we live in today; America needs to wake up and smell the coffee we need stricter rules on guns and getting guns. It makes me so mad the amount of innocent people that die everyday due to gun violence just in the United States alone. We need to do something; not just as individuals; but as a group if we all stand as a united front our voices will be heard.…show more content…
In many cases there are many innocent people dying everyday because of guns. I think that if we had harsher gun control we could curve the death toll in America due to gun violence. I also believe that if there was some sort of mental evaluation done when the person is trying to get a gun this maybe another way for us to curve the gun violence and help regulate with our gun control in the country. It seems like almost anyone can go apply for a handgun with out the proper screening; I feel that this is a true injustice because it can affect many people in good or bad ways. If we have stricter gun control laws in the United States there would also be less school

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