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  • Pros And Cons Of 1641 Depositions

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    The aim of this essay is to examine the advantages and disadvantages to using them as a historical source. The 1641 depositions taken from October 1641 up until August 1653 span 31 volumes containing almost 4000 depositions . The earlier depositions were eyewitness accounts taken from Protestant settlers in Ireland who had been targeted by rebels during the uprising in October of 1641. An insurgency planned for the 22nd of October 1641 to take over key strategic locations around Ireland including

  • The Importance Of Non-Verbal Communication

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    Introduction Non-verbal communication is the medium of communication used to determine emotions and is used in the form of non-verbal behavior such as body movements. The regulation, maintenance and establishing of interpersonal relationships is furthermore used in non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is therefore described as the form of communication used between the presence of a party of people who share relation and is not in the form of spoken, written or sign language (Rowe &

  • Personal Experience In 'The Schwa Was Here'

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    The students at Springdale High commonly referred to the school as the “Jungle,” because each day was a struggle for survival. While we didn’t have poisonous snakes or carnivorous animals that saw us as their next meal, we did have nutty teachers and nerdy students just waiting to pounce on your every mistake. This morning, we had a substitute teacher in Homeroom, a young guy who looked like he hadn’t started shaving. He insisted we take turns reading aloud from a book of your choice. To check your