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Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States of America. President Jackson was known to have left a huge impact on America today. He had a ton of military successes, and pretty much laid down the foundation of the Democratic Party, but he was definitely not a nice man. President Jackson promoted slavery, took land from the natives, and he had a fiery attitude. To me, he was not a good president. Andrew Jackson was known to have “vetoed more bills than all presidents combined.” One time, one of Andrew Jackson’s slaves escaped the plantation, and Jackson put up a fifty dollar reward to whomever found the slave. He would publicly humiliate and embarrass the slave. Starting at 100 lashes, whomever gave him…show more content…
Known as the “Spoil System”, Jackson gave government jobs to the people that voted for him, and he ignored the Supreme Court ruling of when the Supreme Court sided with the Indians about Georgia. He also totally destroyed the National Bank by withdrawing federal money, and putting it into state banks. He even threatened to hang his own Vice President. Andrew Jackson violated every standard of justice. His presidency was full of envy. He had nothing better to do than to kill innocent people, and take homes away from people that have been there for centuries. He tried to control everything himself. Jackson was known as “Old Hickory,” “Indian Killer”, and “Sharp Knife.” Many say he was the worst president ever, and I definitely agree with that. Andrew Jackson caused the death of over two thousand Indians. During the Indian Removal Act, the worst part was that it occurred during the winter, and the Indians had absolutely no food. Not only did he make the Indians move, he also actively “cleansed” Indians by killing over one thousand Indians from the South. Andrew Jackson did not only do this once, he did it multiple times. Not only was Andrew Jackson a bad president, he was a terrible person of horrible character, and that is why people consider him to be the worst president

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