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  • Ketan Parekh Case Study

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    System Defects that led to Ketan Parekh Scam First: Indian Banking Systems Ketan parekh was a very good broker but he did not had enough money to make it big by investing into larger stakes. For this he borrowed from various banks public and private both and also from companies. According to reports, the 12 lakh shares he owned of Global would have cost him Rs 200 million and stocks of aftek Infosys would have cost him Rs. 50 million, Zee and HCFL around Rs. 250 million each. His methods were very

  • Japanese Economic Development

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    During the early stages of Japan’s economic growth, the economy grew moderately and relied on agriculture to finance modern industrialization. In world war one, Japan used the absence of major European countries in the world market to accelerate its economic growth since most of its main competitors were taking part in the ongoing battles of the war; and for the

  • Ford India Case Study

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    communities where it operates. Ford’s operations in the country also include Global Business Services, with offices in Chennai, Coimbatore and Gurgaon that provides support to nearly every Ford location around the world in the areas of IT, Engineering, Finance and Accounting, Automotive Financing, Marketing Sales and Service, Analytics, and Purchasing. Ford employs 11,500 people in India and will add almost 5,000 people to its current workforce once the Sanand plant is

  • East Coast Rail Link Case Study

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    and effectiveness. E-procurement in Malaysia is a main e-Government Flagship application venture created under the Multimedia Super Corridor ( MSC ) activity and is produced, actualized and overseen by Commerce Dot Com Sdn. Bhd as a team with the Finance Ministry. E-Procurement in Malaysia or called as E-Perolehan has been effectively propelled on 6 October 2000 with two modules; Central Contact and Supplier

  • Modern Management Accounting

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    Analysis BY Chinwuba OKAFOR, Ph.D DEPARTMENT OF ACCOUNTING FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES UNIVERSITY OF BENIN BENIN-CITY, EDO STATE, NIGERIA E-mail: Phone: +2348037867627 and Edirin JEROH, DEPARTMENT OF ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE FACULTY OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCES DELTA STATE UNIVERSITY, ABRAKA. E-mail: Phone: +2348028336086 INTRODUCTION Accounting as a discipline is believed to offer diverse opportunities in both practice and specialization (Fatokun

  • Swot Analysis Of Fashion

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    Core values • Indianness: Confidence in ourselves. • Leadership: To be a leader, both thought and process. • Respect and humility: To respect every individual and be humble in our conduct. • Introspection: Leading to purposeful thinking. • Openness: To be open and receptive to new ideas, knowledge and information. • Valuing and nurturing relationships: To build long term relationships. • Simplicity and positivity: In thought, business and action. • Adaptability: To be flexible and adaptable, to meet

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of International Trade

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    exchange is a tool of foreign payments that can be exchanged for foreign currency. The main function of foreign exchange are as a means of payment in international trade activities. Other functions, among others, to finance the development of the country, pay the foreign debt, and finance activities in foreign countries. Source Foreign exchange reserves can be obtained in the following activities: 1.Hasil sale of goods / services abroad (exports of goods / services). 2.Kegiatan tourism. 3.Investasi

  • Effectiveness Of Women Empowerment

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    NUMBER:201703327 NAME: KAMANGA K.H STUDENT NUMBER:201702817 LECTUERER: MISS KAROLINE DUPLESSIS GROUP SLOT: D ALLOCATION OF MARKS Contents Introduction 4 Income poverty 4 The effectiveness of involving women in labour 5 The advantage of women handling finances 5 The role of women empowerment in relation to domestic violence 6 Women empowerment leads to freedom of choice and decisions. 6 In conclusion 6 References 8 A discussion on the effectiveness of women empowerment and how it influences

  • Examples Of Ethical Issues In Social Work

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    1) Zhang Jie is a mature and responsible Primary Six student who will be taking his Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) this year. His school made a referral and would like me to see Zhang Jie. I am a social worker in a community-based agency providing school-based social work. Zhang Jie’s teachers observed that for the past three months, Zhang Jie’s enthusiasm and concentration in class has declined. His grades too were affected. Zhang Jie expressed that he was feeling stress. He is stress

  • Six Major Causes Of The New Deal

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    There were six major causes of the Great Depression. The six major causes were industries, agriculture, consumers having less money to spend, an uneven distribution of income, the stock market, and bank failures. The president at the beginning of the Great Depression was Herbert Hoover. Hoover’s first philosophy was voluntary cooperation, which means that the government should encourage competing groups to cooperate with each other and society’s interests. Hoover’s second philosophy was rugged individualism