Analysis Of Ethos, Pathos And Logos

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Economics is a study of market and distribution of resources. Anyone who engage in market transactions are a part of this Economic system. From basic supply and demand to savvy mathematical reasoning, people often believe economics is a study of market but economics encircles every aspect of our lives, economics dictates how we should think, behave and help us distribute resources rationally in the fairest way. As an economic major student, I know economists study different relationships in the market through scientific approach such as regressions, statistical analysis and theoretical deduction. Even though many people understand simple economics, the “Quarterly Journal of Economics” however requires adequate amount of economics knowledge…show more content…
This is due to the fact that this journal strives to excel in three key elements: Ethos, Pathos and Logos. These elements are crucial for any critically acclaimed journals. This journal embodies the best research in our discourse community and the field of economics, only the best essay and study get to publish in this journal. To maintain this level of excellence, all published materials must go through a process of review, debate and criticism. The selection processes not only take into account of the quality of the research but at the same time maintain an equal exposure for different fields and concentrations of economics. “The Quarterly Journal of Economics” acts as a discourse community by providing a platform for researchers to share their results and ideas in order for every concentration of economics to flourish and to create exclusivity from leisure…show more content…
Economists have really differentiated themselves from other social sciences by engaging in statistical analysis and savvy mathematical deduction to explain economic phenomenon. Therefore, the structure of these essays over the years have included more and more mathematical explanation and regression analysis and now almost every researches and studies have some sort of data analysis to make studies much more reliable and creditable. Moreover, these articles require certain knowledge and understanding of micro and macroeconomics theory, advance calculus and some of the studies are highly related to previous studies that have been

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