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  • Advantages Of Grameen Bank

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    The lack of accessible housing finance has been identified by the Government of Bangladesh as one of the important hurdles in its accessibility for those marginalised. Therefore a number of financial institutions provide housing finance on a non-collateral basis. In other words, the financial institutions do not require documents of ownership as collateral in issuing a loan. Loans are made on the basis of established membership in lending programs and a sound track record of repayments on previous

  • Transformation In The Construction Industry

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    construction industry of which the lower ones have to work within specific constraints. Specifically, small enterprises and firms in construction lack skills; thus skills development is required. If small enterprises are provided with training and adequate finances more projects will be done hence transforming the industry.

  • Singapore Economic Economy

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    that is strategic, the largest industry is the port revenues, the effect of finance-banking sector, high standards of education and strict immigration policy. According to World Economic Forum, Singapore focuses on to built infrastructure, health and education and technological out of 12 factors. Singapore's competitiveness is enhanced by its strong focus on education. The productivity of Singapore is supported bt the finance and banking sector that also offers the excellencies

  • Autocratic Leadership Style: Buying A Successful Business?

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    A good leader can be very effective in the production output. There are various kinds of leadership style (Autocratic leadership style, democratic leadership style…). Nothing can be bought if you don’t have money so arranging finance might be difficult, you can take a bank loan which has to be paid back with a heavy interest rate, but you can also borrow from your family or friends if they are able to give you. There are various kinds of leadership style some of the most common

  • Working Capital Cycle Summary

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    LETERATURE REVIEW Lambrix and Singhvi (1979) adopting the working capital cycle approach to the working capital management, also suggested that investment in working capital could be optimized and cash flows could be improved by reducing the time frame of the physical flow from receipt of raw material to shipment of Finished goods, i.e. inventory management, and by improving the terms on which firm sells goods as well as receipt of cash. However, the further suggested that working capital investment

  • Market Failure Hih Case Study

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    1-What are the institutional voids/ deficiencies highlighted by The Case? Answer: HiH’s vision was “a world free of extreme poverty and child labour,” which it worked to achieve through improved education, employment, income generation opportunities, and empowerment. Because of the multifaceted nature of poverty, HiH sought to implement its five main program areas simultaneously. Child Labour and Education: The census figures did not include children engaged in the agricultural and domestic sectors

  • Creative Accounting: Pros And Disadvantages Of Expensess In Accounting

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    QUESTION 1 A. “Expenses in accounting is defined as a reduction of asset of company which is used to create revenue.” (Pizzey, 1998). Expenses may be an amount immediately consumed for purchasing an item and recorded when the expenses incurred, such as salary, material, electricity bill. In addition, “the expenses would be from fixed asset over a long period as a form of depreciation”(Seal, Rohde, Garrison, & Noreen, 2015). On the other hand, “the prepayments which are not expired are recognized

  • JM Financial Case Study: Overview Of J M Financial Company

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    individuals and retail investors. The group has interest in investment banking, institutional equity sales, trading, research and broking, private and corporate wealth management, equity broking, portfolio management, asset management, non-banking finance company activities, private equity and asset reconstruction. It is established in 30th Jan 1986. JM financial services ltd is the dedicated financial services arm of the J M financial group. We are one of the largest brokerage firms in

  • Financial Inclusion In Africa

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    1.1 Research Background Financial inclusion has been a topic of recent concern in many countries, both developed and undeveloped. Broadly, financial inclusion is defined as individuals and businesses have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs transactions, payments, savings, credit and insurance delivered in a responsible and sustainable way (Swamy, 2014). In its most basic definition, financial inclusion refers to the fact that a person owns an account

  • Importance Of Merchandising In Export Industry

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    Over the years of the growth of merchandising as a discipline in the apparel export industry, there have been many changes in the job profile of the apparel merchandiser to perform these functions. It has charges from a simple to a much more complex job transcending almost all departments and functions in an apparel export house. This has led to a change in the skills required for the job and evolution of the discipline of export merchandising. Merchandising has been to a large extent a function