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  • Examples Of Fiscal Federalism

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    The requirement of competitiveness under a regime of economic liberalization thus made economic efficiency an imperative. Fiscal correction and consolidation however, requires reforming fiscal federalism, since the public finances of the center and states were inextricably linked. In these distinctive ways, the impact of economic liberalization stretched into the arena of fiscal federalism. Change in fiscal federalism is not altogether absent prior to economic liberalization

  • Urbanization In Automobile Industry

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    Today’s society is warm with urbanization and demonstration effect. With a view towards it, there are drastic changes coming up in all sectors even in the automobile industries. The following information gives an insight about it. In the present context the companies operate on the principle of natural selection –“Survival Of The Fittest”. Only those companies will succeed which at best match to the current environmental imperatives – those who can deliver what people are ready to buy. But real marketing

  • Islamic Banking Theory

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    actually drive the worlds renew interest in the ideas of moral banking. According to Scott (2007) that Islamic banking has shown that it is financially defensible as it is enlist growth rates throughout the world at a time when most businesses in the finance sector are struggling to survive, Kaabachi, Obeid

  • Role Of ICT In Business

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    to interact with other organisations which support SMMEs. The following ICTs are used in the following ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness within SMMEs. Computers, which are used to prepare documents, record business transactions, access finances, attain information & store data. Cell phones, used to communicate with consumers and suppliers to

  • Working Capital Management Literature Review

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    1.0 Introduction This document is structured as follows: The Introduction section would be followed by the background of the study and statement of problem. Item three would provide the objective of the study. The research question and literature review sections would follow right after the statement of problem section. The methodology would present the details of the data collection methods used, selection criteria of the sample size and the statistical tools used for the data analysis. Items seven

  • Healthcare Management Degree

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    Combining Business And Healthcare: Healthcare Management Degree Do you have a passion for helping others and want to work in the healthcare industry, but also find yourself drawn to the business side of things? Maybe you are already a part of the healthcare industry, but would like to take on more managerial responsibilities. Whichever the case might be, earning a degree in healthcare management can put you on the right track for this career type. With this type of degree you can enhance your expertise

  • Personal Narrative: My Hometown To A City

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    Rajawali to host the highly anticipated annual Rajapool Billiard competition. Nonetheless, our finances were very tight. Our food fundraisers were unreasonably laborious and nowhere near profitable enough; our merchandise sales were subpar. With Rajapool coming up in a few months time, we were downright perplexed. Afterward, I began thinking, “what if we hosted a social event that would boost our finances?” I conveyed my idea to my director and began working on it along with the department of operations

  • Market Segmentation Case Study

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    a safe and sound financial condition, notwithstanding the challenging macro-economic environment characterized mainly by market illiquidity, low savings, volatile deposits and short term loans. However, the sprouting of indigenous banks and micro finance organisations saw the movement of less loyal customers shifting from one bank to another. Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe cannot be left out of this predicament as it has also witnessed the shifting of customers from the institution. Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe

  • Bigtrurns Case Study

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    Overview of BigReturns ___________________________________________________________________ Background BigReturns is a renowned financial services firm with an annual turnover of more than INR 500 crores. The firm specializes in providing equity research, investment banking and Merger & Acquisition advisory services. The services include investment research services across multiple asset classes including fixed income and credit, market research, equities, risk analytics and business support in areas

  • Objectives Of Internal Auditing

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    field of our choice. As per my interest in the field of finance,an internship in a CA firm was done. Internship in a firm named ‘Suresh Murali and Associates’ (SMA) located in Hyderabad was done, by being a part of the Internal auditing team, under the guidance of one of the partners of the firm i.e. Mr. Suresh Kumar Gupta. ‘Internal Auditing’ is one of the many services that SMA offers apart from a range of services in the field of finance, taxation and corporate advisory. This report has been divided