Assignment 1: Understanding Interdisciplinary Studies And Application

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, 2015 Understanding Interdisciplinary Studies and Application Interdisciplinary studies career is important for me in future life development after graduation. Having worked in army, there is unique things have changed greatly and one example is perception toward interdisciplinary studies .In my freshman and sophomore years I studied environmental science and how it is correlated with interdisciplinary studies in a way of application of different subject and how it is integrated to make impact on daily life . From the early chapters of this class, Schneider defined interdisciplinary studies as shorthand term for teaching a set of capacities—capacities we might also call the arts of connection, reflective judgment, and considered action—that enables graduates to put their knowledge to effective use. It should also lead students to connect and integrate the different parts of their overall education, to connect learning with the world beyond the academy, and above all, to translate their education to new contexts, new problems, and new responsibilities. (P.1–2) Though there are some problems associated with job hunting such as employers’ check certain thing such as how long you’ve been working or without a job. Confident is critical in virtually every sector and high skill technology. As major…show more content…
One area I learned that I still do in my current job is how to perform water quality analysis and testing treatment and also operate, and maintain water treatment equipment. The point that I’m making is the knowledge and skills learned in my natural science class I use it to maintain my technical proficient in my current job. My current job has been source of knowledge especially how water treatment process and utilize my college natural science knowledge

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