How Did Ferdinand Magellan Changed History

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Ferdinand Magellan was born in Sabrosa, Portugal in 1480. Ever since that day he changed history. He was born into a wealthy and noble family. He spent his days serving as a court page for two years. Ferdinand, just like many of the other explorers, was very adventurous, which led him to the next step in his life. He planned to go to the Spice Islands (Indonesia) to join in several military expeditions. In 1510 he was promoted to rank of captain. When he was stationed in Morocco in 1512, he started to make plans to find a western route to the Spice Islands. He asked the King of Portugal to finance his trip but the King declined him. Since that he renounced his citizenship of Portugal.Ferdinand then asked King Charles I to finance his trip and King Charles agreed. He was planning to become very rich from what the journey would bring. His journey from here on out has changed history for the better, he was the first man to…show more content…
The five ships were the Trinidad, San Antonio, Conception, Victoria and Santiago. The journey started across the Atlantic Ocean to South America and Rio de Janerio. Ferdinand then looked for a passage to the Pacific Ocean from there. On November 21st he entered the straights now called "The Starights of Magellan." They were the first Europeans to cross the pacific. Out of the five ships, Magellan was on the Trinidad. On the boats the men ate bread, beer, hard biscuits, fish and salted meat. The salt preserved the meat for a longer time. Conditions on the journey were anything but good. Eventually many of the men got scurvy and died. The ships they used were caravels. Caravels used triangular sails that allowed ships to sail against the the wind. Eventually, a storm destroyed The Santiago, The Conception was abandoned, The Trinidad tried to return to Spain ( without Magellan ) and the Victoria was the only ship to return three years later, with eighteen

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