Social Responsibility Philosophy Of Citibank India

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CITI GROUP INDIA Submitted to: Suraj Francis Noronha Submitted by: Preksha v mayadi Register number: 141202105 Section B Citigroup is a US based organization. They focus mainly on promoting economic progress in communities worldwide and also focuses on initiatives that expand financial inclusion. They make use of results-oriented measurement framework that impacts the programs they fund. Every grant is carefully implemented to ensure success of the firm indirectly. Their core focus areas include; • Financial Capability and Asset Building • Microfinance and Community Development Finance • Enterprise Development • Youth Economic Opportunities • Disaster Response CSR activities…show more content…
Through the Citi Foundation, Citi group helps in promoting growth of the communities through economic empowerment. They believe in a "More than Philanthropy" approach, they support various curriculums that aid the poor to access the financial sector, establish sustainable enterprises, improve production skills and manage their finances better. In 2012 Citi India associated with 11 NGOs and committed grants totaling more than INR 98 million towards Financial Capability and Asset Building, Youth Education and Livelihoods, Enterprise Development and Microfinance. The employees of Citi are active advocates of the ‘more than philanthropy approach’ and they participate and volunteer with NGO partners and provide key inputs on strategy, operations and management. In 2012, about 5,500 employees in India, participated in the Citi Global Community Day. In collaboration with Concern India Foundation and a few other NGOs across Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai Citi India hosted the largest Community Carnival Fund-raiser events. Citi India employees across the country can make regular donations to their ‘cause’ of choice. In 2012, an average of 350 employees contributed about INR 2.8 million to six NGOs each…show more content…
The male members of those families usually migrate to cities for employment. The rural women form the backbone of the mountain economy. Therefore Women are looking for alternate income generating options that are not labor intensive and generate higher returns. In collaboration with Appropriate Technology India (AT India), a non-governmental organization, that offers alternatives to substitute agriculture. The focus is on sericulture, cultivation of certified organic spices, beekeeping and honey production. Through this program, Citi group aids the women producers and empowers women entrepreneurs. They also provide microfinance and market linkages. This program enhances their household income and investment capacity to make their micro enterprises

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