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  • Afc Bank Case Study

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    IDFC Limited is currently one of the leading integrated financial services companies in India. It offers through its subsidiaries a wide range of customer centric financing solutions and conducts complementary businesses as well. IDFC Bank has been established as a public limited company to carry out the business of banking. IDFC Bank started its banking operations from October 1, 2015 after it received final banking license from the RBI. IDFC banks have three business verticals namely Commercial

  • Mckinsey 7s Model Analysis: Analysis Of Mepa's Organisational Structure

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    Organisational structure: According to the McKinsey 7s model analysis, MEPA’s organisational structure is a very traditional one. We have a hierarchy with a CEO at the top of the reporting structure and different layers of managers supervising employees below him. My organisation has a clear reporting structure. The higher a person is in this structure, the more authority, he or she has, but also more responsibilities. With such a hierarchical structure clear lines of communication are enforced

  • Swot Analysis Of Habib Bank

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    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am very much grateful and presents salute to many individuals who have helped me in shaping this report .I am also very much thankful to lot of former fellows and existing colleagues who took the time and trouble during the last few days to speak to me about the way this text could be further improved. I am also very thankful to the staff of HABIB BANK LIMITED BRANCH BHIMBER AZAD KASHMIR; especially to Mr. Hussnain Rafique (Branch manager) who provided me an chance to work in

  • Examples Of Project Implementation

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    implementing the project action plan (NETSSAF 2008). Field management staff must make time to establish an atmosphere in which they trust with partners during implementation so that concerns may be raised informally. Realistic long-term planning of finances is crucial to the implementation of an action plan (see also financing and sources of funding). (Adapted from PHILIP et al. 2008) A communication strategy can be used to raise awareness of the positive benefits for the community, as well as explaining

  • Swot Analysis Of Walmart Stores

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    the other brands seem to be not significant competitive threats to Wal-mart. Kmart, Sears, Best Buy, etc. are not strong enough to pose a competitive challenge because Wal-mart is the king when it comes to competition in the retail industry (Yahoo Finance, 2016). To elaborate, in 2015, Business Insider ranked Wal-mart as the most powerful company in the United States because of its high revenue, enormous scale and scope capabilities (Loudenback & Martin , 2015). As Wal-mart wants to make a shift into

  • Jakarta Water Utilities Case Study

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    Water Utilities Privatization, Solution or Problem: Jakarta Water Utilities Case Introduction Water composes 76% of the earth. However, only 2.5% of total water is consumable as fresh water. Limited fresh water supply and population growth jointly increase water scarcity and price, especially at dense area. Particularly, Water resources become crucial issue in most developing countries because they do not have well managed water utilities system. Cochabamba Water War (Bolivia) and Dar es Salaam

  • Human Rights In Serbia

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    After human attitude toward humanity became progressive , rights and morality have existed and expanded among civilized people throughout the world ,and generated human rights. Human rights have become inherent property of humanity. They belong to every person in every land. Definition of human rights in some countries are slightly different ,but all of their objectives are to improve and treat people equally. However, some people in some countries still lack the rights. The most important pieces

  • Examples Of Extended Marketing Mix

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    services that the bank offers (Auer & Schoenle, 2012). Products As related to banking sector, the potential services by Halifax include, 1) Deposits – Savings, Current, Fixed and others 2) Loans – Term Loan, Bills Discounting, Pre-shipment Finance, Post-shipment finance, Secured lines of

  • Literature Review On Public Expenditure

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    PUBLIC ECONOMICS CIA I Topic: Article review on public expenditure policies of the Government Submitted By, Nohin Pappy Nelson 1313612 III BA Economics Honours Kalbe Abbas. Public Expenditure and Analysis. The Pakistan Development Review, Vol. 44. No. 22 (Summer 2005), pp. 226-230 The paper mainly aims to accord to the public sector reforms by enhancing the Government in the public expenditure analysis that is to expend the benefits to the grass root levels in the developing nations. It

  • Theory Of Dividend Policy

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    earnings of a firm are either invested or fully kept as retained earnings. The Walter’s model mixed the dividend policy and investment policy because the cost of capital and rate of return can never be equal and firms do not only rely on the internal finances they also opt an option for external