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  • Economic Competitiveness In Singapore

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    budget surpluses over the years, which contributes to a high savings rate that allows it to achieve one of the highest investment rates in the world without having to incur foreign debt. Based on the Budget 2014 speech by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, stated that Singapore is expected to have an overall surplus of S$3.9 billion and 1.1 per cent of GDP (Channel NewsAsia, 2014). Together with the monetary policy, the MAS ensure that there is low inflation for a sustained

  • Swot Analysis Of Reliance

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    Sector Specific Company Analysis Power is said to be the core industry as it facilitates growth to various sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, residential, railways, and infrastructure developments. The Indian economic growth is correlated with the progress of Power industries as the ever growing demand of population for electricity demand is peaking. With the growth of power sector it is predicted that 12th Five year plan requires Rs. 13, 72,580 crores of funds for generation, distribution

  • Pros And Cons Of Crypto Currency

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    Abstract Now it is the era of digitization. Currency has also become digital. One of the latest forms of currency is virtual or digital currency and it is called Crypto Currency. In present paper an attempt has been done to understand the concept of Crypto Currency and its pros and cons with its legal acceptability in different countries. Introduction A currency means money in any form which is in circulation and is used as a medium of exchange. These are also called legal tender means they cannot

  • Role Of Financial Inclusion In India

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    the catalyst of the economic and social growth in India. They analyzed the role of stakeholder in the society that will lead to the progress of the society and thus the important of financial inclusion was taken into picture. Providing access to finance is a form of empowerment of the vulnerable groups. This article also emphasizes on the access to basic banking services provides congenial conditions for growth of individuals, households and private Institutions. Also, social factors like unemployment

  • Model Myth Minority Analysis

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    The next topic discussed was the Model Myth Minority. From this conversation it allowed our conversation to venture into discussing agency vs structure as well as the labor market. “The Model Myth Minority holds that Asian Americans have been more successful in the United States than native ethnic groups and that they have been more successful because of their cultural heritage, not the material resources they brought with them,” (Gerber and Kraut). Although Miguel’s family did come to American is

  • Tax Evasion Literature Review

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    and transactions.” On the other hand, the OECD classified the term ‘tax’ as “a compulsory, unrequited payments to general government.” In fact, tax is the proportion of money deducted from the remuneration of taxpayers enabling the government to finance the public expenditures

  • Weakness Of Corporate Governance

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    The corporate governance is a term which arises for the proper conduct of business is questioned or discussed as Companies provide employment and are a major contributor to social structure; companies generate profit and provide the finance and taxes for national infrastructure and the provision of social welfare. Hens, Corporate governance systems are consequently of great significance to governments for the creation of national wealth and the insight of social objectives. The importance of companies

  • Swot Analysis Of Hospital

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    executive officer is the head of the hospital. The Executive director is directly reporting to the CEO, who manages the entire organization. The entire hospital work is divided into seven namely: Medical Service, Nursing Services, Clinical Support, Finance Director, Support Services, Clinical Divisions, and Health Partnership. Medical services: It is responsible for handling all the clinical services including emergency, radiology, organ

  • Swot Analysis Of Apple's Marketing Mix

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    Marketing Mix 5.1 Product According to McCormack (n.d.), Apple having restrictions on their branding advertisements is why most of their advertisements seem similar. Due to not being the best in the market, Apple has contended to match equivalent high-end devices by HTC or Samsung. After lifting geographical limitations on AppleCare+ support, it allowed device owners to service their devices outside of their home country. Before the iPhone, iTunes was already around, and is the major attention

  • Bangkok Bank Tragedy

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    Bangkok Bank was the largest commercial bank in Thailand. Full commercial banking services, including arranging syndicated loans, debt securities underwriting, trade finance, project finance, custodial services, SME and merchant services and specialist advice was offered by Bangkok Bank. The line graph shows some element in financial analysis that I get from the bank scope, the element that I choose is net income, total asset, total liabilities, total equity and net interest revenue. From the graph