Why Did The British Colonize South Africa?

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The British was the second most greatest empire to exist (“sahistory.org”). During the 1800s, South Africa has many riches and resources that the British needed. There were numerous reasons for why the British went to South Africa, the numerous reasons that is very appealing to the British that made them go South Africa is to gather resources, to spread christianity, and to gain power. These three assaults helped the British colonise South Africa. Firstly, Gathering resources is an important factor during the colonisation of South Africa. The British used the resources to finance the industrial revolution, to create profits, and to get slaves and domesticated workers. These three factors tells us why the British came to South Africa for their resources. The first factors is that The British gathered the resources…show more content…
South Africa is well known for its riches for the Europeans. Since South Africa is under the control of the British, they were able to gather resources like iron, gold, diamonds, manganese, platinum, and phosphates. The British would use these resources to create weapons, for example, the iron is used to forge a sword. South Africa has many resources for the British to use (“physchem.co.za”). The next factor is that the minerals in South Africa were not only for forging weapons, but they can also be used for selling them for profits. Gold and diamonds were not used to forge weapons, they were used to create profits by selling them to different Empires. South Africa is rich with gold and diamonds, since the British has control over South Africa they were able to scavenge the minerals and use them to create profits (“exhibitions.nypl.org”). The final factor is that South Africa has their domesticated villages and ethnic groups destroyed by the British in order to gather slaves. South Africa is not only rich with resources, they also have many Africans who are

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