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Luna Hall/McBride Museum The hall was built in1918 and was named Luna Natatorium to honor Lieutenant Antonio J. Luna. It owned the first indoor swimming pool west of the Mississippi River and was used for all of NMMI's water activities until the Godfrey Athletic Center was completed in 1981. The purpose of this transition was due to the deaths of three cadets in 1954. They were initialed VMV for Vertress, Moore, and Vlahpoulas. It then became a museum about 1981 and was named the McBride Museum. Luna Hall is one of the few buildings in the institute people have to visit for the many services it can provides, and for the many historical information found in its archives. The New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) Alumni Association is located…show more content…
NMMI does have its history dating back from 1891 to present. The Academics section show how the past cadets dealt with the institute academically. Within this category, there are pictures displayed dating back to the 1970s such as cadets performing tasks with old equipment like the typewriter or the older versions of computers. There is even a 16 mm movie projector displayed along with film tapes that were used as educational technology as the audio visual. Entering this section, the first object to lay eyes on is the old desktop. Also displayed would be the old technology with scopes and different purposes. There were cadets in old uniforms and cadets not too recently so it shows the evolvement of academics based on materials and uniforms. To display the qualities of Leadership is also located in the McBride Museum. There the different awards are shown and falls into categories. For the awards, there is the Commandant's Awards, Academic Awards, Athletic Awards, Academy Prep Awards and the ROTC Awards. Cadets’ ranks are displayed right beside it and beneath the two is the Henry Morrison Award. The Henry Morrison Award was awarded to the best troops who are the best in the Sally Port Competition, best in parades, inspections, fewest demerits, and academics. But up to this day, the award has been expanded to the…show more content…
The famous Roger Staubach who has accomplished so much in his lifetime donated to the institute his Cowboys uniform which included the jersey, pants, and the helmet. Roger also donated a football with his signature. Not only Roger Staubach started from NMMI, Reggie Franklin of the Harlem Globetrotters did his two years and went on with his. Reggie came back and coached the Bronco Basketball Team for more than 24 years. Not really a one man concept but important, the fact that NMMI has won two National Polo championships in 1952 and 1954. Within this section, there are also other sports included but with minor details. There is also the Polo section which does contain fascinating antiques. There is a displayed uniform of the past NMMI polo team. There are also equipment such as a saddle and

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