Aristotle: The Concept Of Imitation In Poetry

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4.0 Concept of Imitation Next, the concept of imitation can explains the origin the popularity of poetry. According to Aristotle, “imitation is natural to men from childhood on ward, one of the advantages of men over the other animals consisting precisely in this, that men are the most imitative of things and learn by imitation. In addition, it is natural for everyone to take pleasure in works of imitation”. So, works of poetry will be in the steady supply, since men are by nature prone to imitation and the poetic art is an imitative art. It can will meet steady demand, since men by nature like to observe imitations. That’s why poetry sells so much better than coca cola in this era. Beside that, Aristotle offers no explanation about what is…show more content…
So his refer art is imitation, and that’s all right, even good. But evidently not all poetry is imitative in this sense. Hence he must after all have the second sences in mind and indeed like makers of likeness. According to him, nature produces something by combining materials in accordance with a form. An artist imitating the process creative in nature by combining certain ingredients in form or sturucture accordingly. The artist uses natural resources to form through creative ideas into something material. In his work he showed the material used by other forms of art different in the process of imitation. Members of his painting and sculpture expert use of color and forms to produce a work of imitation. In this context, mimesis is not can be referred to remake the original object but material used to produce the work is not the same the origin. This means that an artist produces a from that through the creativity of different artists. Surely, poets are not makers of likeneness depend of what from nature fairest. Then painters make likenesses whereas poets describe likenesses like a landscape artist imitates nature directly, because Aristotle care about the producing a counterfeit nature on his canvas, a pastoral poet imitates nature indirectly, describing in his verse a fictional nature which his mind has contrived. But…show more content…
This means that an artist produces a form that through the own creativity of different artist (mimesis) . Aristotle’s point of view that art should assessed as an imitation. Impersonation is defined as an artical world natural and man-mad world making art different from the task of historiography which tells the events last. Works of art should be more than that which has the advantage of ideas and philosophy is universal. The study found that some of the important good soul for life to get the asthethic experience. Aesthetic experience can give memories to remember in your life . Thus, I have identify concept imitation in Aristotle on drama and poetry from his views about art .Beside that, I have learned about the philosophy thinking. Lastly, we have also learnt about the theory of Aristotle from the difference perspective because his accordingly positive ways im

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