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My first visit to the Brooklyn Museum was very exciting. Located in Brooklyn on Eastern Parkway it was pretty easy to find according to the directions given by the Professor. The instruction were to locate the Egyptian Gallery on the 3rd Floor. The purpose of this museum visit was to find a piece we liked and describe it to our best ability. They were so many pieces to choose and look at. It was hard to choose from figurines, to the artwork to the coffins/sarcophagus. Egyptians were one of the worlds most advanced civilizations. The history of every art piece was very detailed. It helped me understand what I was looking for. Unfortunately I couldn’t get to every piece. But the ones I saw was remarkable. The Fertility Figurine was one piece that caught my eye. Along with others, this piece was from 1938-1630 B.C.E. It’s unbelievable that this figurine is still intact and was able to withstand the everyday elements. It’s very small and detailed with a lot of meaning behind it. Especially for Egyptians, Fertility pieces were common. The materials used to make this is Faience. Which is like glazed…show more content…
It can practically fit in the palm of your hand, and still be hidden. The color is greenish and gray. The texture could possibly be mistaken for clay. The glaze on the statue will make you think otherwise. The figurine looks as though it could be naked. The proportions of the woman are not equal. The hips are wide and full and the waist is small. The figurine has no legs, just stumps. The arms are not fully attached to the body, which could or could not imply something. The hair looks neatly somewhat curled at the end. The face is not recognizable, only eyes and nose is a little bit noticeable. There a little black dotted markings all over the body, mostly on the lower parts. There are also cracks along the waist and arms, which could be from wear and tear. Overall the figurine looks like it’s in good

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