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  • Short Story: Female Womangojam

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    Chapter One Anna stood staring at the dark sea flecked with white froth. Black thoughts of suicide scudded through her mind. Her mother from the distant shores of death beckoned. It was the first Saturday in January. The day was hazy, hot and windless. The slate-gray sky was clotted with Sahara dust drifting like a plague from Africa, blotting out the sun with a pale orange rash, settling softly on drought-stricken Barbados, whose fields and hills, once lush green, were now parched brown. Tattered

  • Creation Vs Creation In Frankenstein

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    Frankenstein is a book by Mary Shelley that was originally written for a horror story contest with other authors, but it became a published novel filled with symbolism of the Bible and the story of Genesis. Throughout the story, she portrays both sides of the mess that Victor Frankenstein created, and it is debated whether Victor’s creation or Victor Frankenstein himself is more human than the other. They both show aspects of human beings in different chapters of the novel, but the Creation is definitely

  • Essay On The Harlem Renaissance

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    Many writers have appeared on the literary scene in the post-slavery era and the end of the American Civil War, where the writer was particularly concerned about the living conditions of the blacks and their suffering. In fact, the problem of blacks did not end completely even after the declaration of Abraham Lincolns declaration of slavery was freed in 1862 and even after the passage of the actual law of 1863 of the Declaration of Liberty. The black faced many problems after this period, including

  • The Importance Of Job Enrichment

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    • Combine Tasks Combine work activities to provide a more challenging and complex work assignment. This can significantly increase ‘task identity´ because people see a job through from start to finish. This enables laborers to utilize a wide assortment of aptitudes, which can make the work appear to be more significant and imperative. For example, you can convert an assembly line process, in which each person does one task, into a process in which one person assembles a whole unit. We can apply this

  • Essay On Injury Prevention

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    The NFL has been the main professional football organization for over 50 years. Throughout this time, many players have suffered injuries, including body injuries, head and facial injuries, and other miscellaneous health issues. All throughout history, technology has been there aiding in the success of most everything and football is no different. Technology has been instrumental in preventing injuries in the NFL. One thing that has been in the news recently is CTE. CTE is a degenerative disease

  • Ida B Wells Speech

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    Adults as well as children's death are listed as "died by hanging" and the offenses were trivial and nonsensical, just as Ida B. Wells had stated. A study of American Civil Rights Movement is extremely important, without these details we are missing the full weight of the meaning of Civil Rights. To hear the struggles of those who fought the battle on a personal level is greatly effective than to hear from those

  • Persuasive Essay On Cheerleading

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    “Waiting to walk on that mat with my team is the most scariest thing”. Hearing my mom yell for me and my team is the best feeling because i know my mom believes in cheer, me, and my team. All the excitement helps me do better and it helps me believe that cheer is a sport and anyone can do it. Cheer has standards to be considered a sport. Cheerleading meets ALL of the athletic specifications”- ( A lot of teens, mostly teen boys think that cheer is only for supporting their schools football

  • Four Types Of Bad Drivers

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    Bryan Tran M. Lopez English C100 11 December 2015 Four Types of Bad Drivers Although I don’t have my license yet, it’s not hard to notice the different types of drivers out on the streets. Especially in urban areas such as Los Angeles, everyone is expected to drive safely and cautiously for the safety of themselves and everyone else around them. However, not everyone is as selfless and caring as expected to be and that’s where different types of drivers come to existence. I have identified at least

  • Racism In South Africa

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    United States Distinguishing races as superior or inferior has been a problem of humanity for a long time, and still is one. Today, 59% of the hate crimes in United States of America is racially motivated (FBI, 2017). The origins of this issue dates back to larger conflicts in the past. Countries with high rates of ethnic varieties, such as the United States of America and South African Republic, had to deal with the consequences of this problem for years. This essay aims to compare and contrast

  • Language And Communication In Films In Denis Villeneuve's 'Arrival'

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    There seems to be a growing trend with space travel and post-apocalyptic films. Arrival can be linked to films like Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar and Ridley Scott’s The Martian. This isn’t a typical alien invasion film. Director Denis Villeneuve’s “Arrival” is a film that centers around language how it influences how we think and live our lives. This film is a science fiction masterpiece that we leave you speechless. The film is set in present day and follows linguist Dr. Louise Banks who is