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  • Write An Argumentative Essay On The Hobbit

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    This first quarter for writing, we wrote an argumentative essay on social media. For the essay we had to decide whether social media is bad or good and prove whether our argument was true. Also for reading we did a class novel on “The Hobbit” by J.R.R Tolkien. For this novel we did PRL’s, organizers and packets. During the first quarter I wrote an argumentative essay on social media. While starting the process of writing the essay I found that it was more effective to begin writing on the body paragraphs

  • Argumentative Essay On Romeo And Juliet

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    Name: _________________________________________________Date:__________Period:__________ ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY: ROMEO AND JULIET … THE GREATEST LOVE STORY? Directions: You will write a five-paragraph essay arguing whether or not Romeo and Juliet is a great love story or not. You will state your position, find evidence from the text, support that evidence with details, and create a conclusion. Introduction Paragraph 5 Sentences in Length 1st, 2nd, 3rd sentences – general overview of Romeo and Juliet

  • Creating A Strong Argument Analysis

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    Do you recall the last time you attended a family event and there was always that one person in the family that became very argumentative regarding a current social event? More often than not, when my family gets together we typically discuss a current event and everyone chimes in and gives their opinion on how the issue should have been handled and/or their opinion on why the event happened in the first place. Attending these family events and listening to all the discussions regarding social

  • A Well-Written Argument Analysis

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    A well written argumentative essay will potentially inspire people and more importantly, it will be a paper that will make a difference. Argumentative essays are not simple to write, nor do many individuals have the knack for writing one. The writer of a successful argumentative essay needs to include: an intro (something that will grab your reader’s attention), develop the argument with factual information, refute the rival’s arguments, and a conclusion. Introducing your essay is arguably the most

  • Carmen D. Siering's Essay 'Taking A Bit Out Of Twilight'

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    Comparing Argumentative Essays Every argument has factors that make it good or a bad. Some arguments are simply better than others. This essay is a comparison of two essays and their argumentative points. The essays “Taking a Bite out of Twilight” by Carmen D. Siering, a piece written on Siering’s point of view that Twilight doesn’t support feminism by the characteristics of the main character Bella and “The Smurfette Principle” by Katha Pollitt, a piece written about the “stories” being given to

  • Writing An Argument Analysis

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    Writing argumentative essays can be difficult if the writer does not know the proper procedure. When writing the essay, the writer needs to have a strong belief for one side of the argument; however, needs to be able to explain the other side of the argument and why they think it is wrong. The reader should be able to tell which side of the argument that the writer believes in, even if the reader does not agree. Everything the writer presents in the argument needs to be factual information backing

  • Anne Frank's Cujo: The Diary Of A Young Girl

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    Argumentative Essay In this essay I am going to talk about two interesting stories, one is called “Cujo” that is about a dog that have a sickness and want to attack a mother and her child. And the other is “Anne Frank, The diary of a young girl”, this is about a young girl that was describing her feelings about the Holocaust. The meaning of this essay is to describe how the characters act with the different problems that appear in the story, and if their responds were the best form to react to

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Mark Twain

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    As I began to read the first part of you paper I became confused, because it seemed more like a book report for the three-fourths of the first essay. The goal of the first part of this essay is, to quote the prompt, “discuss the way that the author interacts with and makes use of her/his audience,” and to, “make sure you discuss the ethos the author constructs, either for her/himself, or for the characters in the work.” Nevertheless, roughly the first 700 words out of the total 962 that you wrote

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Construction

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    with the construction for Essay 1 was one not without any difficulties. Early on, I struggled with assimilating the assigned reading material and crafting a thesis statement. In particular, both of the articles were quite lengthy in text and concepts. There are many detailed explanations on a variety of abstractions, and even scientific data analysis that I did not possess an adequate level of expertise to dissect and discern. Moreover, I actually misread the original essay assignment and mistook the

  • Alice Walker's Beauty: When The Other Dancer Is The Self

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    it or not. Alice Walker’s essay, “Beauty: When the Other Dancer is the Self,” is a story that depicts the harassment and embarrassment in a young girl’s life. The theme behind the story is based on the struggle and battle that Walker goes through due to her need to recognize her inner beauty and outer beauty for years on end. Walker uses many literary elements to portray the theme of her essay, which can be seen in her use of conflict, tone, and symbolism. In her essay, Walker is challenged by the