Cultural Factors Of Indian Nationalism

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4. RELIGIOUS FACTOR The fourth chapter of this book contains the religious fact or that makes the Muslims as nation. In Indian nationalism religion plays important role in order to strengthen the Muslim nation and nationalism. Because of religion divided the nation according to their culture and habits. In India the Hindu to replace British-Raj with Hindu-Raj the purpose of this Hindu and Congress wanted to impose their ideology and philosophy on other nations that live in India. In fact in Gandhi teaching nationalism and religion were allied. Both Hindu and Muslim nationalism were avowedly based on religion. Hindu emphasis on caste system rather than national unity. A caste system was a great hurdle in national unity. Some Hindu leader wanted…show more content…
But sooner and later a nation bound to evolve a culture of its own. The important point is the culture is a concept which belongs to the sphere of mind. When a man thinks he belongs to a particular culture, they have common culture they becoming a nation. Indian Muslim was the representative of one culture that is Islamic culture. One strong argument in favour of this was that when an Indian changed his religion and converted to Islam. The gulfs between two cultures (Hindu culture & Muslim culture) were deep to bridge. In India cultural bodies were established long before political organization came to life. In Muslim India the Muslim league was preceded by the Muhammadan Education Conference. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan established different schools, colleges and literary societies that strong the Muslim on culture basis and then political fabric could be erected upon it. Aligarh movement clear the way of cultural homogeneity, Moreover the Aligarh in the sphere of education produced public men who later took to…show more content…
An integral system of education influence social ideas. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan realizes the importance of education and much focus on education. After the British occupation Muslim did not take the English language and thus denied the opportunities of government job. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan started the Aligarh movement. In fact Aligarh movement was a symbol of Muslim nationalism in education field. Most of the Muslim in sub-continent were poor they did not established their own education institutes and sent their children in government institutions but with respect to religious point of view these British controlled schools were unsuitable for Muslims. Muslim deeply attached with Arabic, Persian, and Urdu rather than English. The sluggish growth of Muslim nationalism because lack of education. Political awaking follows education awaking and also Hindu did not want that Muslim was not making progress in education field. The proportion of Muslim students in all education institution was low. Thus in culture too as in politics, separatism was invading the Muslim

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