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  • Roles Of ICT In Education

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    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study Teachers in this modern age are faced with the challenge to meet the expectations of their technologically-minded learners in the provisions of education. Traditional teaching is criticised for its focus on teaching, whereby students are passive recipients of knowledge, rather than learning (Ackoff and Greenberg, 2008). Successful teaching involves a verity of strategies and techniques for engaging, motivating and energising students over and

  • Essay On Canadian Identity

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    An individual’s identity is constructed throughout the events and experiences that one faces within their lifetime. Personalities change, and opinions begin to alter based on their overall surroundings. Growing up in Canada, I have been a part of many experiences throughout my upbringing that would not have been offered in another Country. Canada has ultimately influenced the way I see the world around me and the decisions that I make subconsciously. Many times, I go about my daily life without the

  • Joel Mokyr's Theory Of The Industrial Revolution

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    industrial revolution. His basic works are The Market for Ideas and the Origins of Economic Growth in Eighteenth Century Europe» , «The Institutional Origins of the Industrial Revolution» , «Useful Knowledge as an Evolving System: the view from Economic history» and others. Joel Mokyr makes methodologically very effective assumption in knowledge. Knowledge can be divided into two types.The first type - "propositional knowledge" or knowledge "that" ("omega"-knowledge; from episteme "science"), relate knowledge

  • Education: Schools Kill Creativity

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    Schools kill creativity Students that do not follow the standard education teachers and professors recommend will fail as a student and not become successful in their career. This is how most educational systems look at education as a way of how their students should learn. Standardization is what kills the creativity inside individuals that are on their way at becoming part of the industry. Education nowadays is all about gathering information, the students that are best at it rank higher according

  • Information Technology In The Information Age

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    The world is fast turning to a global village and this is as a result of the introduction of the use of diverse technological tools in carrying functions or activities that originally were done manually. The present age is referred to as the information age or the digital age. The information age today is faced with diverse challenges and issues. Most of these issues are related to the use of information technology tools in carrying out various activities. Library and information services delivery

  • Diaspora Studies

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    The present study aims at focusing and analysing various issues related diaspora study. The paper traces the theoretical examination of the diasporic concerns and how these issues on socio-political literay grounds affect an individual and entire diaspora community. The term ‘diaspora’ since its use in the post modern era has been proliferated and explored with variety of perspectives. It traces historical, political, social, anthropological and literary aspects of a nation adopted by the diasporic

  • Elementary Education Case Study

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    2. Explain the social, cultural, political, and policy context surrounding the problem situation identified in above question. Answer: Policies National Policies on Education At the time of adoption of Constitution in 1950 the aim was to achieve the goal of Universalization of Elementary Education (UEE) within the next ten years. The directive principles mentioned in Article 45 endeavored to provide free and compulsory education for all children until they complete the age of 14 fourteen years

  • Girls Schooling In The 20th Century

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    educated first generation of girls? The second article continues by then stating, "In the past, any woman who had a good education left a good name in history." This statement, in my opinion, is distorted. Just because a person gets a good education does not mean they will receive a good name in history, "any woman who has left a good name in history has had a good education" would portray a more realistic

  • Life In Modern Civilization

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    Have you ever thought about how lucky you are to be living in the modern civilization? Have you ever wondered how life was back then? If you are curious, this essay will tell you a bit about it. When humans were not civilized yet, people live everyday by hunting and gathering food. Men went into the forest to find food for the family. They used tools that they made themselves. They sharpened the wood or stone to hunt. They could be attacked by wild animals while hunting for food in the forest or

  • Animal Twister Games In Language Learning

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    ANIMAL TWISTER GAME Do you think that game can help students to facilitate them in learning process? Is it a crucial thing to use game as a media to teaching English? Sometimes, games which provide fun activities can be an appropriate choice to teach English in school. According to Martinson and Chu (2008), “Games are effective tools for language learning because they offer students a hypothetical environment. There are numerous games which can be implementing in learning activities and each of games