Strengths And Weaknesses In Teaching And Learning

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Based on the lesson, there are some strength and weaknesses that can be analysed. As for the strengths, during the set induction stage, the teacher used a variety of pictures of different places for holidays in Malaysia to be shown to pupils. This method used by the teacher is effective because by using the picture, pupils will be excited to share their experience going for a holiday with their friends. Wright (1989) states that pictures are very important in helping students to retell experiences or understand something since they can represent a place, object, people, and so on. By using picture in teaching and learning process, it also will trigger pupil’s interest about the topic that will be taught by the teacher. Next, the teacher also…show more content…
In the lesson, the teacher had done a good way to show pupils about the picture of places, but the poor thing is the picture is small in size, and it is hard for pupils to see the pictures clearly especially those who are at the back of the class. In the video the teacher used a picture in the A4 size. So it might give poor learning and teaching session during the class as the students will lose their attention. Therefore, to make it better, the teacher supposed to use a big image, for example use ‘mahjong’ paper and show it in front of the class so that each pupils can see it. The use of the picture is such an effective way to create an understanding of students. According to Dr. Tim Elmore in his article “In Other Words” – Why is Teaching with Images so Effective?, he stated, ‘There is significant impact on the learner when a visual aid is connected to a verbal explanation. It actually speeds up the learning process. According to the researcher, the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. People comprehend (in their head) faster when they form a picture in their heart. The entire brain is engaged,’ So it shows that images can trigger the learning process and applying them to life and the image must be big and clear enough to give an effective understanding to the

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