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Intro/Cover Strip: Local Resident Umair Mohsin takes you into the cornucopia of colors and the opulence of dreams, wishes, superstitions, desires and longings that has created a one of its kind art on wheels, the home away from home of a person who is never home. Option: 2 Intro/Cover Strip:: Local Resident Umair Mohsin takes us through an explosive expression of folk art which in actual form is a cry to seek relief from the mundane realities of ordinary lives, a desperation for a desired Utopia – the promised land. Option 3: Intro / Strip: Unlike any other existing vernacular art forms or vanity based vehicular modifications, Pakistani truck art is more about culture, history and traditions of the drivers, narrating dreams and stories…show more content…
More recently, though truck art has gained recognition as not just an art form, but as a viable mode of expression. The best fashion designers in Pakistan, such as Maheen Khan and Deepak Perwani, have derived inspiration from the motifs, colours, and patterns found in Truck art to create designs that have left the world gasping for more. Indians too have brought the vivid colors into their religious practices one example being at the Durga Puja, their biggest festival of the year. In a short span of time, Truck art already has travelled a long way - physically, philosophically and creatively. The work on these vehicles now is a reflection of the transient circle of life embedded with the desires of those on the edge. Truck art visually represent the everyday experiences that embed in the minds of those who serve the industry, embracing the on-going battle with the loneliness on the road with only the company of their brides. Body: 900 words Side bar: 150 words we can look at other countries with an history of truck art painting – ‘Dekotora’ - Japanese art trucks, (electric) Jeepneys, Philippines, Colectivos, Argentina and the rickshaw. Facing The World: Whilst each truck is unique, truck artists, generally follow these practices when designing for the

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