The Pros And Cons Of Elearning

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In the last decade, eLearning has made commendable progress and one cannot deny the fact the concept of eLearning is indeed a new revolution in the world of education. Although the people who run traditional schools get rather concerned by the news yet if one looks more closely, eLearning does not intend to remove the traditional methods of learning. In fact, eLearning aims to provide as a supplement for the traditional method by being an option for the cases in which an individual cannot opt for the original form. eLearning combined with school education It is not a secret that eLearning seems to be more effective method of learning and noticing the positive inclination, not only have the school authorities inculcated eLearning in their…show more content…
It poses no harm to your traditional teaching methodology While the prime concern of the owner of an institution with regards to eLearning is that it can cause loss to their institution, in reality it is a much more profitable endeavor. Their ideology is that the students who opt for traditional courses (which are highly charged for) might opt for the eLearning ones and thus the number of students in traditionally taught courses will go down. In reality, one needs to look at the broader picture and analyze that the students who take up classroom courses are different from the ones who opt for eLearning. They take eLearning because they are located far off from the institution or because they cannot afford the fees for schooling. By not offering eLearning courses, you do not get benefitted but you do cut down on the profits that these eLearning courses could have brought you. Moreover, you can offer different courses from the ones you offer in traditional schooling to get rid of the fear of losing business. 2. It does not need much…show more content…
Investing in the former if you are already involved with the latter will surely have a promising future for your organization without causing any damage to the working of your traditional learning technology. Although there are numerous other reasons, like the advantage that it will give to the society by providing a whole lot is students a chance to study at a well-established institution by paying minimal fees and by devoting the time that they are suitable with, but these mentioned above were some of the main motivational points to ponder upon. You just need to contact the best elearning company in India to design a workable course to help you in your

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