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A year round school calendar has been applied to 3,181 schools throughout the United States of America. Supporters of year round school say that a traditional school year wastes time students could be using to study. Is this really the right way to go? Year round school makes it hard for athletes to have a job, takes away life experiences, and removes the stress relief summer vacation provides. A high school student is usually involved in many different extracurriculars. Sports is a common one with 7.8 million participants. These activities occur after school which makes holding a job almost impossible because of the lack of time. Summer may be the only time some students are able to work and make money for college. In fact, every student will have reduced working hours because of the absence of summer break. If the school year is all year, students will not be able to hold a job for as long of a period. This will make affording college more difficult for students. Another disadvantage of having a year round school year is that the student will be missing out on experiences and lessons that are not taught in the classroom. Responsibility gained from a job or seeing the Grand Canyon will no longer be gained. Summer is one of the only available slots for families to get away. Forty seven percent of Americans go on vacation, but how…show more content…
Without summer, the stress of the school year will never abate. Twenty seven percent of students report to have extreme stress during the school year. Conversely, thirteen percent say that they have extreme stress during the summer. If there is no break, those numbers will most likely rise. Extreme stress can cause students to be short with one another, and it can cause digestive, sleep, and heart problems. Therefore, if schools decide to use the year round school system, they will be responsible for the increase in stressed out students, and the problems that

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