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Having a year round school will be more beneficial in life than traditional schooling. When students hear the term “year round school”, they tend to think that school will be for a year. Year round does not mean less vacation time, instead students get more. Students attend school for nine weeks and then get three week vacation breaks with five weeks off during the summer. Year round can be either a single track or multi-track schedule. A single-track schedule generally calls for an instructional year of 180 days, with short breaks throughout the school year. A multi-track schedule has the instructional and vacation periods of each track throughout the entire year, so that some students are receiving class time while others are on vacation. Attending a year round school improves teaching skills, improves absences/vacationing and students get more frequent breaks. Some families find it challenging to find babysitting or childcare during the short breaks, but there is always a solution. Although the changes might make it harder for families, year round school is worth a shot and every school should switch from traditional schooling.…show more content…
During the summer students and teachers tend to lose their focus and forget their material in the following year. In Sindhu Nair’s article, “Should American Schools Go Year Round” he expresses how “Year round education facilitates continuous learning so students won’t forget over the long summer breaks.” (“Should”) Teachers also do not spend the beginning of the school year reviewing on last year’s studies. The students who are taking ESL tend to fall behind during the summer because they go back to their old habits. Year round schooling prevents that from happening. “Supporters say year-round school systems improve academic performance.” (Nair). For the schools that have switched to year round has seen a great difference in the

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