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How many kids do you know that would prefer going to school year for the whole year rather than the typical nine months? Year round school works either on a single track schedule, or a multi-track schedule. On a single track schedule all schools in the district would be on the exact same schedule; whereas on the multi-track schedule the schools would all be on different schedules. To avoid a huge inconvenience, to keep school cost effective and to make the most out of the time we are given, we should stay with the traditional nine month school system and not switch to the year round school. The nine month school track is one hundred and eighty days of school. Students go to school for five days a week for around seven hours a day. There are…show more content…
Year round school can cause complications for family vacations, ride arrangements, supervision for kids while parents are at work and the school calendar. Typically in the nine month school year the summer is when teachers are able to plan the next year, sports teams are able to bond, and the fine arts are able to compete. Schools also hold camps for the younger kids in the community to let them explore their interests. People who have relatives that are foreign or live across the county would not be able to visit them as easily. Visiting them during the school year is not an option either. Missing one day of school is hard enough to make up, but when these families visit each other for a week or multiple weeks at a time, it can cause a major setback in the class room. Some might argue that they could get their work done before they leave, but teaching yourself an entire lesson defeats the purpose of school. If summer was taken away more students would be more willing to miss school for vacation knowing that they do not get a real summer break; this will kill the attendance rate. For students and teachers, year round school would only diminish the quality of the education and disrupt the

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