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Jennifer Sandoval Mrs. Bakken 10 March 2015 Year-Round school is a no go Districts do not think about students when deciding to have year round school. Year round school is not all it seems to be. Although some districts believe it will help improve grades and test scores, it has been proven that it does not. Schools across the country deciding to do year round schooling, should think twice about it. They do not think about what different things students could experience outside of school, during the summer. They also do not think about how teachers need summer as a time to prepare before a new year of school starts. At least they should think about how much time and effort along with sacrifices parents make to make sure they have child care.…show more content…
Every child deserves to spend time with family and of course learn things from their family members. As quoted in the article (Year-round schools not way to go Billiee Bussard) “Proponents of the year round calendar ignore the importance of education experiences that occur outside of school walls, particularly the valuable contributions family members make in a child’s growth and development”. “A long summer vacation leaves open the window of opportunity for family time together. A year round calendar narrows it”. Summer is also a way for students under the age of eighteen to get a summer job. Whether it is to make money for recreational reasons or for college, schools should look into that purpose before deciding they should do year round school. “A long summer vacation provides the critical time and opportunities for the real work experiences for the nation’s youth and the financial means to make a college education a reality for large numbers of the children from families of modest means”. Summer is an essential and very important part to experience that should not be taken away from a…show more content…
A long summer minimizes parents the complications of finding child care. Billiee Bussard mentioned in the article year round schools not way to go, “A long summer vacation reduces the complications of finding adequate child care”. Year round school leaves parents worried trying to find child care and are sometimes left with the options of missing work or leaving children alone, creating a latchkey child. Amy Pearson quoted in the article year round school advantages and disadvantages, “frequent breaks might force parents to take frequent time off work, line up potentially expensive short term child care solutions or even leave children alone in the home while they work”. At last, districts who want to go year round or already do year round schooling, should think twice about how this affects children, teachers, and even

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