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Summer break is what most students countdown to during the school year, but what if it wasn’t one big break everyone looked forward to, but many breaks throughout the school year? Many students do not take the time to sit down and refresh their memory throughout the extensive summer break, and dread when they must return to school. Teachers have to schedule weeks of lengthy review periods to catch up on the knowledge that was lost during the break. To prevent this from happening continuously, the topic year round schooling gets brought up. Year round schooling would be a beneficial switch to many people. The switch would decrease the learning loss over the summer, it would bring frequent breaks to students, and economical advantages for parents.…show more content…
Many students see it as an interference toward the fun times that summer brings, whether it be various summer camps or going on vacation. What many students do not realize is that with year round schooling, vacations and other activities that are usually done in the summer could be spread evenly throughout the school year. With the switch to a year round schooling schedule, there would be a rise in test scores. There would be extra time spent in the classroom, then forgetting most of what they have learned over the summer, resulting in the increased test scores. The switch could also decrease the amount of students in remediation classes. The increased amount of time in the classroom will also increase the students ability to get more help through the school year rather than summer programs that could be costly for the school. Summer boredom is another situation that could be avoided by having school all year. By having school all year, students are less likely to become bored because they will often be occupied with school activities. The problem of learning loss over the summer that was once a problem, could be solved by changing to a year round

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