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Summer is fun right? But perhaps people want some days off in the Winter of the Spring for seasonal activities. With a year round school style, there are days off all over the year so students could experience time off in seasons when it isn't hot or raining. The traditional school calendar with a large Summer break is an old system that existed when children were needed to harvest, but that is not exactly a huge problem anymore with advances in technology. Some knowledge is lost over a long Summer, turning the old benefit into a new detriment, with the only main benefit being Summer jobs. The alternate to a traditional school year is year round education. Year round education is not exactly a new concept, it has existed since 1904 (Glines). Year round education is better than the traditional school year because it saves money, accommodates more students, and allows for different environments during breaks. Year round education saves money in multiple ways. According to a study on one school, the per student cost was 5.5 percent less than traditional schedules (Arambula). Therefore, the price will be…show more content…
Some believe that there is not financial benefit to having a year round schedule, saying that there is no proof of extra benefit (Mohajer). Others will state that there is no substantial education benefit, instead showing that the traditional model has either better or equal grades (Mohajer). Some will want a Summer built into the school schedule for nostalgia or general stress purposes. A good argument would be the fact that constant breaks interrupt learning when students get back into the routine, and then they need a small review when they get back. This may or may not be true based on the students, course, and intensity of the class. It also has communication issues that are undeniable, which makes planning and other time important events

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