Mary Me A Rhetorical Analysis Of A White Woman

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David Banner's Song "Marry Me" Honors Black Women David Banner is a rapper from Mississippi. He is 41-years old and has demeaned women most of his life. In fact, his video and song "Play" does a pretty good job of summing up the way he has viewed women for decades. Perhaps a more accurate title would have been "Plaything". Has Banner changed his tune? “It is very important for me to say that I’ve done enough degrading of our women myself...I have some making up to do. I have forgotten myself," Banner said when talking about his new song, "Marry Me" with R&B crooner Rudy Currence. “This song is for [all] Black women, but it’s especially for the dark-skinned black women," he said. Banner believes that the darker the skin, the more likely a woman is to be degraded or abused. He notes that "They don’t feel wanted. You look at most of who so-called people of success cater to — nine times out of 10 it may not be a black woman at all. And if it is, it’s definitely not ones that look like our cousins or our great-grandmothers."…show more content…
Is this a savior-complex that has moved Banner's self-aggrandizing from player to hero? Is it a marketing scheme meant to draw money from the women he says he wants to protect only the show them on his next single how they have truly been played, or has Banner truly turned over a new

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