Patient Autonomy Essay

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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Patient Autonomy Patient autonomy is a pertinent ethical issue which prevails in the healthcare institutions and it involves the providers of healthcare and their patients. Patient autonomy refers to the right of the patients to make their own decisions regarding their medical treatment. The decision needs not to have any influence from the healthcare providers. However, patient autonomy grants the healthcare providers the rights provide education to the patients regarding their medication but forbids them from making decisions for the patients (Kapp 92). Through autonomy, the healthcare professionals are having an obligation to grant the patients freedom of will and freedom of engaging in different…show more content…
For that matter, the healthcare professionals have a compulsion to obey any kind of refusal by the patients to undertake certain medical procedures. According to (Groopman, and Prichard 210), Patients have the right to refuse surgeries, therapies, medications among other medical procedures. Due to this provision, it is illegal for the healthcare providers to apply force and or deceit to prompt a decision by a patient. For that matter, I do not agree with the issue of denying the patients their autonomy, and totally support patient’s autonomy. There are two conditions that need to be met just before a decision is regarded as autonomous. Firstly, the patient needs to have the required internal abilities to for self government and at the same time, needs to be free from constraints that exist in the external environment. In the medical situation, the decision of a patient is regarded as autonomous where the patient has made the capacity to make decisions that are relevant. Secondly, before making any decision, the individuals need to have relevant education or information so that they can make voluntary decisions (Cook

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