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This quote was once said by Martin Luther King, Jr. Most people would probably agree with him that education is the most important thing a teacher and parent can give to their child. This is why education should be taught in the form of year-round schooling. Year-round schooling is a type of schooling in which students have classes all year-round. One thing that makes year-round schooling different is instead of having one long summer break, you have multiple smaller breaks in between 45-50 day intervals of learning (Inger). Year-round schooling is the ideal option for the future of your child. Year-round schooling is better than traditional schooling because attending this type of school will not only improve the academic achievement of your child but it will, also, refine your child’s behavior. In addition to this, by attending year-round school, it will put a positive impact on your family.…show more content…
Year-round schooling has been proven to improve the academic achievement of your child “Academic are known to to decline during the long summer, this is known as ‘Summer Slide’” (Kalil). This shows that, due to the smaller breaks, the amount of review needed on certain topics decreases and the students are less likely to forget due the continuous learning (Inger). If student are less likely to forget the information taught, then no review is needed. This allows that time usually needed for review into time they can use to learn new things (Varner 3). “Eliminating any sort of long break from school can improve a child’s academic achievement,” (Kalil). Year round schools are more likely to get through criteria quicker and more effectively than traditional schools (Varner 9). If year round schools can get through more criteria, it means that the students can learn more in one year-round school year than the traditional school year. C. Year-round schools have shown higher amounts in graduates and a lower rate in drop-outs (Lyttle

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