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Year round school should not be Adopted in the United States: What would you think if I told you that your rights are denied because of year round school? If there is year round school teenagers cannot promote the general welfare, and your liberty will be taken away because you can’t go on vacation because you have school. These are the reasons why I belive that year round school should not be adopted in the United States. The meaning of year round school is you go to school for 2 to 3 months then have two weeks off then repeat. Now some might say thats not a problem well it is. The one way year round school is bad is that year round school affects the work force. Some people think that teenagers are just trouble makers and, that's not true…show more content…
One reason why year round school affects jobs and the unemployment rate is that the unemployment rate is already at 17.1, so if there is year round school then the unemployment rate will go up because teenagers will be in school and will not have time to work. Another reason year round school will affect us is tourist. Yes it is kind of random but hear me out, every year Gettysburg attracts 2.1 million tourist every year. So if there is year round school then teenagers cannot help restaurants and stores serve visitors. Meaning that people are gonna want to eat so they go to say McDonalds and eat the place is dirty some has to clean it up, but what if there is not anyone to clean up? The food on the floor, tables, etc will attract unwanted bugs and then McDonald's will be shut down because it is unsanitary for people to eat at. Another reason why year round school will affect our workforce is some families with children with different schedules (meaning one with year rounds and one with no year round) will have to watch one kid while the other is in school, But who is gonna watch the kid? The parent would be the answer, but what about her job? Here is where I make my point if the child's mom makes about 700 dollars a week and misses 2 days that person will lose

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