Forensic Anthropology Personal Statement

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Throughout school I have enjoyed humanities and science, especially History and the biological structure and function of the human body. My fascination with the anatomy of the human body has led to my interest in forensic cases like John Wayne Gacy and “Zoo man” Huskey. Though the crimes which they committed were thought-provoking, it was the way the crimes were solved by teams of forensic anthropologists which really captivated me. The anthropologists who worked on John Gacy’s case were able to determine the age, sex and identity from the bones of the victims in the mass grave under his house. Anthropology will allow me to look at past human actions and understand the physical consequence and social factors which allowed the actions to take…show more content…
During my work experience at a pharmacy, I gained some understanding of the need for double checking data and information, which is critical in a criminal case. The work experience also helped with the development of my teamwork skills, as I worked with the pharmacist and other workers to ensure that each patient’s prescription was correct. Whilst fund raising for Cancer Research and ADRA I have not only helped the charities but I have also gained important leadership skills. I was able to lead a team of my peers around central London to raise money for breast cancer. Also, my work at Shelter UK has enabled me to further develop my leadership skills as the manager would leave me in charge of assigning tasks to other volunteers. I attend various lectures, especially those focused on new scientific discoveries. I keep up to date with the Royal Society to make sure I am aware of upcoming events. I have not only learned about new scientific developments, but I have learned how the new developments will affect society. Lectures such as “Bioethics 2025: what will be the challenges?” were rewarding as spoke about the advancement of prosthetics and the consequences. Also Dr Odom’s lecture on “Genetic control and the mammalian radiation”, has enabled me to improve how I use scientific rules to solve

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