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Year round education will help a lot of people achievement there goals. It will also be another way to simplify our concerns with our education. Schools should all be on the same track. It should be established where all students are on the same page with one another and get the same holidays out of school. Going to school all year round is much more like summer school. Most of the time, we forget most of the work we learned after the three month vacation. Therefore, student achievement would increase if we did not loss so much during the summers. The beginning of the school year is usually spent remembering what lessons we did before we went on break. Year round school has a lot of work and assignments that you will have to complete. I like…show more content…
Schools also are confused with certain breaks. This is true because some school district have their breaks at different times. Year Round school would make learning a lot better. You will have enough time to complete more assignments and cover more topics. This will increase a student’s vocabulary skills, comprehension ability, and their overall achievement. Too much learning can also lead to not being able to remember the lessons that we need to learn to during the school year. It could cause a students to be overwhelmed by his hectic schedules and assignments. The breaks would help take away stress caused by school. It is important that student develop a positive relationship with their family and friends. We could spend more time with friends and family over the breaks. Some people feel we should not have school all year around. Summer breaks are meant for students to have their recreation time. We can have a good time with our family on the vacation. We would not have lots of stress in finishing our homework. We can do it while we are on our vacation. The school’s usually have short breaks every two or three months. The amount of days that goes into the breaks also are changed so that you have a much better chance to have more fun

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