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Can a Wrong be Redeemed? (Critical Analysis of Willy Loman) The topic at hand is whether or not Willy Loman, the main character of Death of a Salesman, is a redeemable character or not. The opinions vary; some feeling sorry for Willy believing he had his heart in the right place while others believe he is the one who should burn. While controversial, are either of these opinions wrong? From a religious standpoint, one would say that everyone deserves a second chance, everyone deserves a bit of grace in their life, because after all the greatest act of grace ever committed was done for everyone not just one person. But also from that religious view, Willy Loman has done some heavily sinful acts, many worth judging upon. Willy Loman is not a redeemable character because he fails to accept the truth, is unfaithful, and in the end takes the easy way out. Initially, a member of the audience would think towards the beginning of the play that they pity Willy Loman, when in fact they should not because it is his own non acceptance of the truth that…show more content…
In one of Willy’s flashbacks he tells Biff that she was ‘just lonely’ and ‘she meant nothing’ to him. But just because he was lonely, does that excuse his unfaithfulness? If it were a woman who had done this, say Linda had committed adultery and simply stated, “I was lonely” she would have been pegged a whore, slut, among many other names. Just because he tried to keep it a secret so as to not destroy Linda, does not mean he loved her. He committed adultery, he lied, he cheated, and he deserves no ones pity or second chances. I don't believe that he is at all redeemable because of this simple yet devastating act. He ruined his relationship with his son, and really with his whole family by trying to keep secrets and cover up with lies so as to not expose the truth. Willy’s affair and infidelity is the main reason why he is not a redeemable

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