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Most people consider a natural athlete to be someone who is affiliated with sports. Many people consider themselves a natural athlete, but in reality, they do not know exactly what a natural athlete is. Someone who is dominant on the football field but not so advanced on a basketball court is not a natural athlete. A natural athlete is an athlete that contains all the physical and mental abilities needed to excel in all sports. Someone who can just run out on a field or court and dominate in the sport is someone who can be considered a natural athlete. Most people think that just because an athlete is famous they have a "natural ability." In most cases this is in fact false. Boxing legend, Muhammed Ali, is known as one of the greatest boxers to every fight. Muhammed Ali's work ethic and persistence to become a great fighter is what made him a legend. Muhammed Ali was said to "box all wrong." A few boxing experts write this about Muhammed Ali,"While he was quick, he lacked strength and he lacked the classic…show more content…
Michael Jordan has all of the athletic abilities required to be a natural athlete. He is quick, agile, fast, possessed stunning balance, explosiveness, and amazing body control. As for being the greatest basketball player of all time, he is dominant in many other sports. Michael Jordan could have been a full time Major League Baseball player but he gave up baseball at the age of sixteen to pursue his dream in basketball. At the age of thirty-two, Jordan played a season in the Major League Baseball program as he was good enough to be apart of some of the best baseball players. Having a forty-inch vertical, standing at six foot six inches, and being incredibly strong; Michael Jordan could have also excelled in the sports track and football. He has all the qualifications to be an outstanding National Football League wide receive as well as the fastest guy on the

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