Founding Fathers Failure To Achieve The American Dream

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Melany Mejia Mr.Rivas 23 April 2015 English12 The American Dream is a propaganda used by our founding fathers to give people a perspective of a life with freedom and the opportunity to exceed in success and prosperity. Our founding fathers had an ideal of how America was going to be viewed but as the times changed the view of the American Dream accommodated as well did the accessibility . Since the 1700’s throughout the 21st century the American dream started to adapt to each generation and the main goal to achieve the American dream. The american dream is not achievable for any common person it is so rare for someone to succeed at it much less a person of a low economic class and high minority. It is meant to be hard to achieve…show more content…
Clinton, this is a valuable part of Clinton's speech because if the american dream is supposed to be for everyone and lays out opportunity for all, then college is A KEY for for the american dream to be reached. Education is key now a days because it increases economic income and an educated person in this society is well respected. When you are well educate the chances for the American dream are endless although there are those who are opinionated on this, mainly entrepreneurs who have escalated to their success through dedication and manipulation but even an entrepreneur with no education compared to an entrepreneur with education is more admiring. In conclusion education is in a way the road to the American Dream in many ways, for instance in california it is mandatory for a child to go school from the age of Five up to high school. With that being said why should it be a choice to go to college if it will increase our chance to the American dream why not make it at the most affordable to get an education. People may say that education is not for them or that it is too expensive but by making it more affordable people can have access to an American…show more content…
To some People being free is in their perspective in the american dream .The term life alone has a lot of meaning but from an American point of view it isn't something to Appreciate. Because we don't live in a third world country we take advantage of life. In the declaration of independence the view of life becomes a contradiction between the right of life and treason. In the Declaration of independence preamble it states, “assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station which the laws of nature and of natures god entitle them.” Meaning that our country is free from control of other countries and to be equal for any of our freedom of religion.In the first amendment they also state “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishmentof religion or prohibiting the free excercise there of.” Also meaning that the government cannot control a citizen's religious belief and practice. America has come a long way from slavery but has not left behind the discrimination on someone based on their skin color, religious belief , and way of life. By keeping around theses prejudice it interferes with anothers goal on there american dream. Even if there are no laws given to discriminate it is being done as if those rights of being equal and free to believe what one wants s outdated. This will be considered the extent of one's American

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