Things They Carried By Time O Brien: A Literary Analysis

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American literature is often perceived by students as dull, lifeless and a monumental waste of time. If a reader of American literature does not comprehend the inter-meanings and themes of these novels, this specific literature will not change or enlighten their perspectives on American history and the conflicts that still exist in the present day. Authors reflect on personal experiences and the world as they write novels that depict the future of American lives, their fears of reality and problems of the past and present; through the utilization of literary elements. “Slaughterhouse Five” intensifies our perspective of the destructiveness of war, illusions of free will and how our sights affects our lives, whereas “The Help” challenges our affection while displaying the situation of race, gender, judgment and the…show more content…
Throughout the first chapter O’Brien explains what each soldier carries with them in Vietnam, both literally and figuratively. Each item represents a deeper meaning, for example Ted Lavender carries marijuana and tranquilizers to calm him down. These items allow O’Brien’s characters to cope with the war and how destructive the harsh environment can be. The majority of soldiers who fought in Vietnam had been forced to battle due to the draft. Men participated in the Vietnam War instead of fleeing to Canada because the soldiers were more afraid to be perceived as cowards in their hometowns. They feared war, but would never allow anyone to witness their fear and uncertainties. Instead, they told war stories as a distraction from reality. Stories and certain items were utilized for soldiers to remember their past and pretend to be anywhere else than in the heart wrenching Vietnam War, as they worried that by being encompassed by the brutal war environment they would become a different person without realizing that they had

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