Workflow Automation In Business Management

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Introduction With the world evolving quite fast in the area of technology, it has become almost unacceptable to complain about productivity. Leaders, business managers can now do almost everything they are required to on the go. Whether they are on a business trip or a family leave, they can approve employee leaves, documents and authorize and sign off certain types of documents. With the advancements in the field of technology, new behaviors, mobility, millennial(s), and globalization the business world is following a shape up of running every day processes and the business as a whole. The new technological advancements have lead individuals to be more socially active through different networks which has given collaboration platforms for…show more content…
In order to run a successful business, it is very important for businesses to enhance their day to day operational processes. By doing so, every process can be effectively measured to output outcomes that will benefit the business in their future. One productive way to achieve this goal in the future could be by Workflow Automation. “The automation of a business process, in whole or part, during which documents, information or tasks are passed from one participant to another for action (activities), according to a set of procedural rules is defined as Workflow Automation.” (Aalst & Hee,…show more content…
But having these processes automated does not only allow them to do this. Every organization should have a great leader who allows his team members to tackle these changes and climb with him to be successful in a competitive environment to market their products according to planned strategies. By having automated crucial processes, a leader or a business manager should always plan on what can be done next to improve and enhance efficiency in his work place with his team or his own work behavior. An organization should be led to an environment like carrying out business in the means of electronic mode, by having a strong leader behind them. People should be encouraged, conflict should be managed, communication should be on point correct and their leader should always hand hold them throughout every change. Therefore, to thrive in the next four years, it is vital for the managers and leaders to be able to work, cope and deliver on the technological advancements and the changes that comes with

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