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Zoho Review- The Pros and Cons of the software What is Zoho CRM? Zoho is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that is web-based, and which attracts satisfies and retains customers enabling you to expand your business. The app is very successful today as it fulfills the needs of large and small businesses by keeping track of their daily activities, and keeping the customers engaged as well as automating daily business activities. The medium is mobile optimized ensuring that all agents receive updates in real time using their mobile devices. I would add that the most interesting bit about Zoho CRM is that you can integrate it with other helpful business apps such as MailChimp, QuickBooks, Google Apps, ConstantConnect, and Microsoft…show more content…
• The system connects with Microsoft office ensuring that data is transferred between software packages without any difficulties. • The app creates roles and profiles, which limits what users can access. This ensures that the users access only the information that he or she needs and confidential data remains confidential. • It has support mobile devices enabling users to access CRM from anywhere at any given time. • You can work with multiple currencies • You can also create workflow regulations to automate standard processes for your business. What are the main features of Zoho CRM? I would say that the most important benefits of Zoho CRM are lead management, sales force automation, and account management. However, we could still get into details and list all the feature that Zoho has under each main feature. The following is the general overview of Zoho CRM features: Sales Force Automation- • Pipeline analysis • Competitive analysis • Quota management • Lead generation & qualification • Sales stage & probability analysis • Real –time…show more content…
Are there any cons/disadvantages of Zoho CRM? Of course, there are certain cons associated with the app. Anything that turns out great must have certain shortcomings on the side and Zoho is no exception. Despite the great features, it has a few adjustments that it can work with according to customer feedback. Some customers have complained that the customer support team does not respond on time. This though is something minor and that can be solved within no time. There is also the case of bugs occurring in certain features and thus slowing down the whole system making it inefficient. The app does not have a sandbox environment for customization. You must forego this important feature if you choose Zoho CRM. Leads are assigned to specific users, as there are n queues for lead assignments. This can render you inefficient due to lack of flexibility. The systematic analysis above of both the cons and pros, we can safely agree that the app has more benefits that should convince anyone out there to install it their business. The app has flexible pricing and free plan, which can be adjusted to suit any type of business size and

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